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    Default Having a hard time deciding between Negril & Swept away - HELP

    Hi Everyone!! We are a 28 year old married couple from Chicago who has never been to Negril. So we do want to be near by the action. Only the garden rooms are available at both resorts, so that doesnt really help us make our decision.

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciate

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    I have never been to CSA but CN is really compact in comparison so you are never far from the action. We just returned and after talking to several couples that had been to both resorts they all agreed that the centrality of CN was a great bonus. Have a great time...if you go to CN say hello to Elkie at the beach bar and Candace and Menard of the activities team from Taylor!

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    Since you want to be "near the action," you might prefer CSA. Both CSA and CN are on Seven Mile Beach, but CN is on Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length, while CSA sits on Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length. CN shares its bay with three other resorts, while CSA shares its bay with numerous other resorts and with restaurants, shops, and bars.
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    As "T" said, CN is more compact and you're never far from the action. The resort is not as long but deeper and centralized on the main pool when compared to CSA. This is not to say that CSA is huge...just more spread out with activities being on either end of the resort and rooms in-between. We've been to both and both have lots of action so you shouldn't be disappointed with either in that department. What's really important is what you're looking for in a resort. Find the one that calls to you and go with it.

    Hope this helps!

    Bart & Bug

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    Do you mean action from other resorts or the action at Couples? Choose CSA if you want to get off the resort and walk to other places but choose CN if you want a compact close to the fun pool bar place.

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    You might find the following useful:

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    I would go with CSA for your first time. Sign up for romance rewards before you go , then you can do the trading places for a day and get a feel for CN as well. I like the rooms better at CSA because of the large balconies and rustic feel, with beautiful gardens. CSA also has a disco if you like to dance and stay up late.

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    CSA has a spread out never crowded feel with main restaurants on each end of the resort. They also have several buildings that are more like beach villas with winding pathways and tropical foliage between them rather than the hotel feel of most resorts. Taking long walks down the Seven Mile Beach from CSA is not to be missed! The pools here are on the smaller side but the beach is the draw. Very relaxed, layed back, true beach resort feel. We have been there 3 years in a row and planning to go next year. GO CSA!

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    If you stay at CSA you can walk down the beach and shop at the local shops and drink at the local bars and what not. It's only a few minutes walk from places like Margaretta Ville. We loved CSA and interacting with the local venders. Didn't do the bars because we had our drinks included at CSA so why go somewhere and pay? But it's fun to walk and talk to people. CSA is more spread out and has more restaurants and no nude beach. They each have their own feel, but I'm sure the food is just as good at CN as it is at CSA. We were just blown away by the food. I've heard CN has a more lively pool scene. But we had a blast at CSA's pool bar and made some friends.

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