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    Default How was your Thursday morning arrival?

    After a 452 day wait we are finally off to CTI in 3 days! Our flight is scheduled to arrive on Thursday at 11:40am (US Airways), and checking over the past couple of weeks, there are a number of arrivals in the late AM on Thursdays, so I was just curious to hear from anyone who might have flown in recently on a Thursday around the same time--how long did it take you to get your luggage & go through customs? If you went to CTI or CSS, what time did you arrive at the resort?

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    We have been there when three planes landed at the same time. It still only takes 30 min. The process getting into Jamaica is better than into the US anymore. At least the agents are friendly unlike the US.

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    I am also on a 11:40am arrival... It is good to know? When do you think we should be at the resort? How long before the transfer leaves? Anything we should know about the airport or specific arrival time?

    Also going to CTI

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    We have flown into MBJ eight times and have never waited longer than fifteen minutes to get a shuttle to the Couples resorts. As soon as you get to the Couples lounge, they will take care of everything. I enjoy the ride too. You get to experience the beautiful country.

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    We've flown in on Thursday morning a couple of times. One time it was 45 minute wait to get through immigration. Then last year it was 1 hour. The good things is that your luggage is waiting for you.

    If you look at the arrivals, for MoBay, there are several flights that come in around the same time. Plan on 1 hour to get to the Couples lounge. The shuttle usually will leave within 15 minutes. Then an hour and a half to get to Negril. 2 hours to Ocho Rios. So, if you are getting in at 11:40 you should be at your resort (Negril) by 2:30 to 3 pm.

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    we arrived last week on the USAir flight at 11:40, it took so little time to get through immigration that we had to wait about 15 or 20 minutes for our luggage, then off to the lounge and we had to wait 20 minutes there and then we were on our way.

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    oh, We were at CTI around 2:00 local time after landing. Our flight was a little early.

    You have to wait for everyone to deplane, walk to immigration, stand in line at immigration (they had a lot of lines open), get your luggage, then customs, then the Couples Lounge.

    The driver quoted a 2 hour drive to CTI, it took a little less but almost 2 hours.

    Ja is 1 hour behind EST. We were on the beach by 3:00 but it gets dark around 6:30

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