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    Default CSA in 4 DAYS!!!

    We are leaving for paradise in 4 days and i am just going CRAZY with the wait! This will be my husband and i's FIRST trip together after 5 years of marriage and 2 kids. SO does anyone have any last minute advice or pointers? Secret spots or anything that we just HAVE to do while we are there?! I cant wait to get there and just RELAX with the love of my life and enjoy everything the resort has to offer. We probably won't be doing too many offsite activites because we just wont' be there long enough and i don't want to spent the whole time going going going. I would love to hear some feeback! See ya soon CSA!!

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    I'm so envious. Grab a bottle of bubbly and hit the beach for the sunsets, it's one of my favorite things to do. Have an awesome trip!

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    After you get checked in, stop at the concierge desk and make your reservations for dinner at Lemon Grass and Feathers. It's just one less thing you have to think about once you are settled in. You can also book your catamaran cruise too--see if you can get booked on the one that has Rasta Ralphie on board. Make sure to try snorkeling and go to the Martini Bar for a before or after dinner drink. They have wonderful martinis there. CSA is our favorite and we go back again next year. Have a blast. You are going to love it. CSA ROCKS!

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    WooHoo! Maybe we will see you guys there, we leave tomorrow and arrive on the 20th! We have our first little one coming in December so our only plan for this trip is to relax!

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    Congrats on your trip, my wife and another couple will be there next Monday and the time is just crawling by... This will be our 4th trip and you can NEVER go wrong with ANYTHING you do while on the gorgeous property that is CSA! You mentioned not being there long so I am not sure if our trips will overlap but our typical routine is wake up whenever, go to breakfast, back to the room to change, then beach most of the day with the day winding down at the pool bar before dinner!!! Try anything and everything that sounds fun! Try new foods, you have already paid for it and if you don't like it they will glady bring you something else!!!

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    We arrive on Sunday, the 23rd for our 8th trip to CSA!!! We love it and no matter how many times we go, we always are as anxious and excited as our first trip to get there!!!

    Don't get all caught up in having to do everything, just sit back, relax and have a No Problem Mon trip!!!

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    Just returned yesterday. LOVED IT!!!!

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