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    Default leaving CSA during the marathon

    We are scheduled to fly out at 4, but Delta just cancelled our flight. So I am scrambling to find another way home. One option was a 1:30 flight out of MBJ, but the marathon is going on that morning. How does CSA deal with getting people to the airport when the road to MBJ is closed up to orange bay?

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    The road is not closed to the resort shuttles. We have always arrived during the marathon and we just drive right alongside the runners and there are definitely shuttles going in the opposite direction as well. It might take a wee bit longer because he might need to go a bit slower but it might also be faster as there's no traffic to deal with. In any case, you'll be able to leave the resort and get to the airport as you normally would.

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    We left CSA during the marathon 2 years ago and were rerouted up through the mountains, while we were in the first seat of the bus that was fine and we had a great view of the countryside, but the people in the back were a little motion sick by the time we got to the airport. It's a very twisty, hilly ride but very picturesque. It took about 2 hours.

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