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    Default Trip 7 days away, few concerns.

    My (will-be)Wife and I are leaving for our honeymoon to CN next week (the 24th). Looking at the weather forecast, they're predicting some rain. How badly will this affect our trip? When we booked this, our plans were to be mostly on the beach/outside. Will this effectively ruin our plans? Any reassurance would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Have yet to see a weather forecast for Jamaica that doesn't call for some liquid sun shine. Unless its a hurricane you have nothing to worry about, rain is usually in the afternoon and only last 15 minutes.

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    Maybe they should sticky the answer to this... lol

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    No worries! You may get a passing afternoon shower but then it clears up and the sun will come back out. Every forecast for Jamaica predicts matter when I check it. BUT, it's still hurricane season so check on for tropical updates.
    They do provide umbrellas in the rooms...just in case! Have a wonderful time at CN. It's a great place. Do the Trading Places option to check out CSA as well.
    Happy Honeymooning!!

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    Rain was in our forecast every day but we only were rained on one day. My wife and I like to lay in a hammock under a beach towel during the brief showers. Go and love your time.

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