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    Default Arrival time at CSS want to enjoy cocktails

    we land at the airport on a sunday at 17.40pm from the UK what time will be likely to arrive at CSS after passport control collecting baggage and transfer etc. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy and evening meal and cocktails before lights out.

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    The beach bar closes when the last person leaves
    We have been there until 2 or 3 am in previous years, but that doesn't happen very often

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    Our guess is that it'll take .5-1 hour to get to the Couples Lounge and about 2 hours to get to CSS. That being said you should get there by about 8:30 PM so should be able to grab dinner at the Bella Vista, or in your room. Then you can enjoy the entertainment, and a cocktail, at the Balloon Bar or skip the entertainment and just do the cocktail at the beach bar.

    Either's all good!!

    Bart & Bug

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