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    Default Wine list for Couples Negril?

    My wife and I like wine with our meals and some bubbly before we go to bed and Mimosa's in Morning. Not lushes just vaca and enjoy something different.

    Is there a PDF with wine lists and typical menus. Would be nice to see what's available

    Thanks. Tom & Jo, 30 days till CN

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    Lots of house wine...white or red anytime of day or night available...( not very good, an italian type)...hope it changes soon!!!!
    ****Mimosas every am at breakfast..No worries, plenty of fruity sweet drinks too!!!
    They even have a wine list available...extra charge though!

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    I have been known to pack my own wine in a checked bag. (yeah, I can be a wine snob )

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    My wife and I aren't wine drinkers but we had a few glasses and they weren't very good. We were offered a for purchase wine list a otahetie.

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