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    Default CSS G Block map w/ categories

    Continuing the info from this thread:

    Here is a shot at a map of "G block" with room numbers and categories. If it posts legibly I'll try to put the mapping I have of the other blocks later.

    Some notes:
    Wasn't sure how best to depict this, so I put "lowest" floor next to the Block letter and "UP" to show the successive floors above that.
    There is a chance G9/10 are reversed as well as G17/18 , but this map shows them as I wrote it down a few weeks ago.

    Room Category:

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    Do you know which OBOS have the best ocean views-- 2nd or 3rd floors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisnsterling View Post
    Do you know which OBOS have the best ocean views-- 2nd or 3rd floors?
    I'd defer to opinions from guests who have been to CSS many times more than us (suzyQ, KarenOn, JackieMRP, et. al.), but just from the mapping I would assume G11, 13, 16, 14, 18, or 17 have pretty good views. G11 may have slight impairment from the elevator tower and accompanying super tall palm, but it is so high up, I don't think that would block too much. We've seen pics from G14, 16 - very nice views.

    The top floor of F (F6, 7, 8, 9) is high up, but set back behind the lobby pool some. We've never been in those rooms so can't say for sure, but from the sea looking back at CSS you can see that the top of "F" is just as high, if not higher than the very top of "G" (which is not OBOS), though there are a few tall palms between "F" and the sea.

    Similar views looking back from the sea show that D17, 18 are probably decent views though there are large leafy (oak-like, not palm) trees that may partially obstruct the view. Also E6, 4 and 8 look to have clear views of the sea and maybe D23.

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