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    Default Pirates of August 2008

    Hey guys....started our new thread here. Looks like we won't be able to post on our old thread after June 29. Pirates Rule!!!

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    Default yo

    ho ho and a barrel of rum

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    I made it. Man are we a Motley Crew. This is going to take some getting used to. But looks like it may be nice once we get used to it. Arrrrgh, I hate change.

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    Default 28 days!!!

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    Why you confused? This is a pirate thread, right? So I threw some pirate stuff on it. :-)

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    Well it took 2 days to see my messages here. I thought I wasn't doing something right. But guess I have started this new MB out.

    Big Tex. Love the attachments, LOL!!! We do think too much alike sometimes.

    Kathy and I went vacation shopping yesterday. got a couple of cool Pirate shirts to wear at CN...... Daytona this weekend, then off to Paradise....... 26 DAYS and counting. Yeah baby!!!!

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    Well now this is different. Not bad at all. Just stopping by to say hello to my Jamerican family. Hope all is well in your various corners of the nation.
    Michael & Angela
    ~One Love, One Heart

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    Angela...great to hear from you!! I think Tommy is missing his weekly harassment. was that crappy, warm, flat, overpriced american beer?

    Good to see everyone making their way over to the new thread. I'm still trying to get used to this

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    Default oy

    yep, this place is weird. will take a little getting use to.

    Stale, warm, crappy American beer was not so bad as I was with Trina and the kids. Yes, kids want everything they see so I spent less on beer and more on them (Trina too of course). This relatiionship gig is not all it is cracked up to be. Could have used a few more beers. (they start to taste really good after # 6 or 8). Music was good, kids had fun, and Trina held my hand. Then it started to rain. Now it is like 64 degrees and rainy today. That of course means I will have to mow the lawn sooner than later.

    The 4th is around the corner. Tommy... Randy... you 2 be careful with the fireworks. I dont want to see pictures of you at CN with no eyebrows!!!

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    Hey Paul, enjoy that 64's going to be 103 here Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The water in the lake feels like a hot tub , but we're going to get in it anyway. We're going to a small town 4th of July parade/lawnmower race/tractor pull Saturday morning, BBQ at Randy's brothers that afternoon and then go out on the lake to watch fireworks Saturday night. I believe I'll be having lots of "warm american beer" on Saturday

    Tommy...aren't you guys getting ready to go racing. Have fun in Daytona on Saturday, we'll be thinking about you two!!!

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    Well, Well, Well. I see little Miss Angela has finally made it back. I knew she couldn't go on forever with out me. LOL!!!

    Haven't been on here this week at all. Been trying to get everything ready at Zippy's for Daytona this weekend. Should have been leaving this afternoon. But won't be leaving till the morning now.My son decided to hurt his ankle and he was my relief. Guess life doesn't always go the way we plan it.

    Any way hope everyone has a SAFE AND HAPPY 4th. Will catch up on everythimg next week.

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    Hey fellow pirates! Glad you got us started Dianna! Z and I just got back from Cape Cod. The water was about 57 degrees and the weather wasn't great, but we still had a good time. I have to say that it really made me wish we were going to Couples though. What I would give to enjoy a dirty banana at that pool bar...
    Well, I hope you all had a great 4th of July.

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    Hey crew, hope all had a great 4th. Kathy and I went to Daytona to the races and had a blast. The weather was perfect. Hot, but no rain. So that was good. I guess the best part was seeing Stewart take out Bush. What an ending. Just got our paperwork in for CN a couple of minutes ago. We are soooooo ready. Well time to get on my honey dew list. Will catch up to everyone later.

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    Hey all, hope everyone had a great 4th. We went up to see Michael's family in Indiana. That was pretty fun but we could have done without the rain. Everyone is in countdown mode and we so wish we were counting down with ya. We want to go "home" so bad we can hardly stand it. We even made hummingbirds the other night. Yummy! Now just need to get hold of Di's Bob Marley Jello Shots recipe and we're good to go. lol We are trying to save up so we can take a short trip in early December for Mike's birthday. It really bites that we have to wait so late because we miss our Jamerican family so much! BUT, it's better late than never, right? Oh, how I miss that Blue Mountain coffee! Have you guys seen how expensive that stuff is on eBay? Yikes! It's almost cheaper just going to pick it up at the source . . .

    Lots of love to our Jamerican family! Have a great day!
    Michael & Angela
    ~One Love, One Heart

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    Jen....I bet Cape Code was beautiful, but I couldn't have got in the water. Water temps here in area lakes are around 90 degrees

    Angela...good to hear from you and we wish you were in countdown mode with us. You and I could be planning something to do to Tommy, that Couples lounge thing he pulled last year needs to be topped

    Tommy, always a good time when someone takes out one of those Busch boys.

    We had a fun 4th of July. The parade was fun as always and my brother made it another year without getting hurt in the modified lawn mower races (those guys get way to serious with their racing mowers). We had a lake cove block party. Randy and our neighbor had a massive amount of fireworks they shot off and then we went out on the lake to watch more fireworks. It was spectacular...fireworks as far as you could see and a full moon (in the sky and Randy )

    Hope everyone has a great week!!!

    Me and my girlfriend on the tube.

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    Hey I thought that was Randy's Mistress. What's up with that? Oh that's right, you guy's are from Texas.

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    Wow, I lost this thread for a while. I ended up doing a search for pirates so I could find you guys. I haven't quite figured out the new board yet. I hope you're all doing well. I have been teaching summer school and it's been fun so far. There's only 2 weeks left, then I have a month before heading back to school. I know many of you are leaving for Couples very soon and, although I am terribly jealous, I hope you have a wonderful time!

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    Hi Jen...good to hear from you. Everyone has been so busy and it seems as though the summer is flying by.

    Thought our thread needed a little bump.
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    Hey guy's just wanted to stop in and tell everyone hello. And let you guy's know how much will me those of you that won't be there with us. But I got it all figured out for our next gathering. We will just get together at Randy and Dianna's Lake House, and surprise them. Shhhhhhh, don't say anything. That way they won't know a thing. LOL!!!

    And where the heck did Paul go? We finally get Angela back on here and now he disappears. LOL!!!

    Here are Kathy and I getting the party started this Sunday.
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    Yeah, I wonder what happened to Paul too!
    We are doing well. I have one week left of summer school and then I get to relax for a few weeks. Z and I recently grouted the last tiles in the bathroom. We haven't been home for the past few weekends, so we finally had some time to continue working on it. I am glad to see that we are almost there, although there's no rush. I'd rather it be done right! Well, I know ya'll leave in a few days so have a great time...
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    Hi guys....Thanks Jen, we'll have a good time you know that, but we do wish you guys were joinging us. I like the looks of the new bath, the tile looks great!

    What!! Did someone say Lakehouse party....the door is always open and I'll have the Bob Marley shots waiting, ya'll come on.

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    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    I haven't checked in for a while so shoot me already! Things get busy at times. I noticed Trina and I have already been replaced by anotherr interracial couple too.

    Lets see:
    hot black chick (check)
    some white dude with her (check)
    pirate cruise (check)
    apply liquor (check)
    fun begins (check).

    Pictures of my new roof are not that exciting.

    Thanks for asking about me though

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    Default know that Trina and you could never be replaced We were hoping you guys could make it. We will miss your "lasered eye stare" and Trina's cigars on the cat cruise too.

    Good to hear from you again, we were beginning to wonder about you. Tell Trina we said "Hello".
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    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    Default yo

    So that tongue curl thing is called a "cigar". I call it drunk and sexy. Seriously, I look great except for that stare. What is up with that? I mean, that had to be the only moment I was not smiling... well, that and when I was carrying her back to the room later that night. Well, OK I grinned a bit cause she had been on me all day about drinking too much.

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