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    Default Booking our first trip to a Couples resort and have some questions....

    Counting on y'all for help....
    We are leaning toward CSS right now based on what we have seen on the website only. I am a little concerned about the beach there. I have read via this forum and some other reviews that it is small and "rocky". I assume "rocky" means coarser sand with pebbles? My wife and I split time between beach and pool.... Is the pool layout, size, etc. a plus or a minus at CSS? We are looking at the beachfront 1 bedroom suite. Can any of you give me some feedback on the quality of those accommodations? Some reviews I read stated that the furniture and rooms in general needed an upgrade. Final question, (for now ), both of us like to go "into town" and do some shopping, visit some different places to eat and have a drink, and the normal look around stuff. Does CSS afford that opp or is that going to be something better accomplished if we chose a Negril property? TIA for your help!
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    Bag - Congratulations on deciding on the best resort chain in the the Caribean!! We have not been to CTI yet but would like to in the future on a split-stay as we have been to CSA 4 times and simply fell in love!!! I can tell you that CSA or CN do provde that "in town" experience as there is much to do/see within walking distance of CSA or a short cab ride from CN. Best of luck on your decision and let me know if I can help sway you to the Negril properties!!

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    Here's the're going to get lots of opinions on which Couples resort is the best so just remember that we all have opinions and some are better than others but none is better than yours. If you're leaning towards CSS then there's probably something you've found that's pulling you in that direction. With that being said, here's some answers to your questions:
    - I assume "rocky" means coarser sand with pebbles?
    Yes, the sand on the main beach is a little courser than what you'd find in Negril, but not rocky, except on SSB.
    - Is the pool layout, size, etc. a plus or a minus at CSS?
    The pool is nicely sized for the resort and sits comfortably between the main beach and Beachfront Suites. If you're looking for a larger pool you'll have to head over to CN...who has a nice beach also.
    - Can any of you give me some feedback on the quality of those accommodations?
    The Beachfront Suites are nicely laid out and furnished. The balcony/patio is a little small compared to other room types. We did not feel that they were worn out and loved the jacuzzi!
    - Does CSS afford that opp or is that going to be something better accomplished if we chose a Negril property?
    CSS offers a 2-hour excursion to go shopping in Ocho Rios at no cost (other than what you buy). Depending on which location they choose you could end up near the craft market where you can get some really good deals. Some people will take the van out and choose to pay for a cab back so they can do more sight-seeing/shopping before returning to the resort. Both Ocho Rios and Negril have plenty of places to explore off the resort.

    Hope this helped to answer your questions and you enjoy your visit to whichever Couples Resort you choose.

    Bart & Bug

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    Thanks for the info. It's much appreciated.

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    Thank you for the help! We are still undecided... Sorta like choosing between steak and.....well, steak. LOL. Hard to lose, I think.

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    We have been to both CSA and CSS. If we had never been to CSA, we would have thought the beach at CSS was fabulous. However, the CSS beach does pale in comparison to the beautiful 7 Mile Beach. The sand at CSA is powdery soft and white. The sand at CSS is coarser and brown. The CSS beach is perfectly lovely, though.

    We stayed in a Beachfront room at CSS. It is not truly "beachfront" (the main lawn is between the rooms and the beach). It is certainly close to the beach, though. We thought that the furniture was in good shape in the room although nothing glitzy and glam. The patios are small in this room category (just a small table and two chairs).

    You can always take a cab into Ochi to explore. The concierge can recommend a driver who will wait for you while you shop around and can also show you some of the sights. If you have a chance, take a drive through Fern Gully - just beautiful.

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    If this is your first time going to Couples and you are concerned about the beach, go to CSA. The quality of everything else is the same between the two with the notable exception of the beach. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. Also, CSS is built into the cliffs. You will walk up and down some very long stairs for every meal. CSA is flat and long.
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    Yep, if beach is impodrtant, go CSA. We absolutely love CSS and won't go back to the others (unless it's one of the mystery trips). Not because we don't like the others, but because CSS is probably the prettiest place we've ever been. Smaller, more private, same outstanding food-drink-service as the others. Don't get me wrong, the beach is just fine, but it is NOT 7-Mile fine. By the way, the beach at CSS is private - no vendors or outside folks dealing their wares, if you know what I mean. We enjoy the quiet and seclusion, but must admit we had a blast in the surf in Negril.

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