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    Default Couples Resorts and SuperClubs in negotations re Breezes Grand Negril

    KINGSTON, SEPTEMBER 11, 2012:- Lee Issa, Chairman Couples Resorts and John Issa, Chairman, SuperClubs Resorts, announced today that both parties are involved in firm negotiations concerning Breezes Grand Negril. These negotiations are expected to conclude on or before November 30, 2012, at which time a more detailed statement will be issued.

    During the negotiations, the operations of Breezes Grand Negril will continue normally and all forward bookings will be honoured up to and after November 30, 2012.

    About Couples Resorts:
    Couples Resorts, headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica, owns and operates four properties in Jamaica – Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci, Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril. Pioneered by the legendary Abe Issa, “father of Jamaican tourism,” each Couples Resort is an unsurpassed model of the all-inclusive resorts concept, boldly designed with local inspiration to create a harmonic sense of nature and authentic Caribbean spirit. For over 33 years, Couples has delighted guests and refined the Caribbean all-inclusive resort experience by providing unparalleled service, exceptional dining experiences and exclusive added value inclusions. For further information please visit

    About SuperClubs:
    SuperClubs, the world’s only Super-Inclusive resort group, headed by John Issa, the “Father of the All-Inclusive vacation”, includes properties in the following brand categories: Breezes Resorts – Breezes Bahamas; Breezes Búzios Resort & Spa in Brazil; Breezes Varadero, Breezes Jibacoa and Breezes Bella Costa; Hedonism II in Jamaica. SuperClubs also operates and independently markets affiliate ROOMS Resorts in Ocho Rios and Negril, and Jamaica’s Negril Beach Villa.

    Every SuperClubs holiday is Super-Inclusive – accommodations; all meals, SuperSnacks and premium brand cocktails; unlimited use of all sports facilities, including equipment rental and instruction; entertainment; weddings; recreational activities; and hotel taxes. Tipping is not allowed. For more information or reservations, contact SuperClubs at (800) GO-SUPER (467-8737) or visit their website at
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    Since it's right next door to CN it would be a short walk for "trading places".

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    interesting..... I hope that the message board is updated with any information on this topic. Especially if there are any changes at Couples Negril --- whether it is combining resorts or other. I know I would be very disappointed if the Au Natural area at CN is eliminated and moved to BGN C/O area... the principle reason that we go to CN is the direct beach access from the Au Natural area... .I have heard from many that the C/O area at BGN is rocky and obviously on the world class sand of Bloody Bay. There other reason is the relative small compact size of CN....
    I guess we will all wait to see what occurs... if BGN will continue to operate as its own resort or will be combined with CN...

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    What does this mean to Couples Resort as a chain ? SC and Couples is not a good mix. Will this a Couples or SC resort?

    Irie Mon

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    Sure wish this was for negotiations for a resort location in the Montego Bay area -- providing a Couples option to spend one week at CSA, CN, CT, or CSS and then another Couples Resort week near the airport in MoBay...

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    Sure hope the AN area at CN is not affected if they merge. It's the main reason we vaca at CN, quaint, quiet and relaxing!

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    There is the possibility Couples may run this as a open resort to families or all adults, and not be specifically for Couples and operate the resort under a different name, just because they own it doesn't have to mean it will be restricted to just couples.

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    I think it would be great if Couples acquired this resort and kept it adults-only. Finally, we'd have a resort at which all of those wedding guests and non-couple visitors could stay without ruining the romantic vibe at the couples-only resorts.
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    They should have made a play for Braco which is vacant right now or was and was at one point a great resort. braco is between Mobay and CSS/CTI. there's already two resorts in negril.

    With that said though, I'm sure Couples would make the former breezes grand negril/grand lido negril absolutely fantastic and it would add to the offerings of CN.

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    Our first all inclusive was Grand Lido. 13 yrs ago. The C/O. Wasn't bad. We weren't suppose to be on it, but the Garden view rooms were under renovation. At the time Grand was one of top resorts. My daughter went there for Honeymoon, unfortunately the Hurricane hit and it hasn't been same since. I think it may be a good thing, only caution, hope it isn't too big resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zambam View Post
    They should have made a play for Braco which is vacant right now or was and was at one point a great resort. braco is between Mobay and CSS/CTI. there's already two resorts in negril.

    With that said though, I'm sure Couples would make the former breezes grand negril/grand lido negril absolutely fantastic and it would add to the offerings of CN.
    I agree about Braco.

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    We have always been intrigued by Breezes Grand Negril but choose Couples because they are so amazing. We would love to see Couples acquire Breezes Grand Negril!

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    We really hope they do not combine the resorts. We come home to CN every year because of its small size and amazing service. I'm guessing they'll combine but our hope is that they stay as separate resorts.

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    We were GLN faithful until they switched to Breezes. The last couple of years Superclubs service had begun to fall off from the premium service that was normal for them. We loved the blocks of rooms on the Clothing Optional side but did not like the guawkers that would randomly stroll through.

    Since then we moves to CSS in particular SSB we love it there all th amenities and private for those of us who need the privacy. But we do miss Negril.

    I would love to have an option back in Negril that would give those of us that want AN or CO those options without having to be on the public beach that everyone can walk by.

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    Please keep CN how it is though. It's perfect and part of why we love it is that its not so huge you can get lost. It feels small and welcoming. It's our home away from home. Any large increases will detract from that which makes it wonderful.

    Planning trip #6 in the works.


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    I like that idea!!

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    We stayed at this property our very first time on the island (when it was Grand Lido) in 1993. Couples was actually putting survey stakes in the ground for Couples Negril at the time of our stay. I can't say that there was anything we could possibly have complained about during that stay... it was wonderful!

    Of course, that was long ago; I'm sure the place has weathered along with all properties along the west side of the island.

    This will be an intriguing acquisition (if it proceeds). If I was a seer, I'd suspect that Couples sees this as an opportunity to "expand the brand" relative to the Couples Negril property... in other words, if you don't have room to expand, acquire and absorb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    I think it would be great if Couples acquired this resort and kept it adults-only. Finally, we'd have a resort at which all of those wedding guests and non-couple visitors could stay without ruining the romantic vibe at the couples-only resorts.
    Completely agree Pamela. There do seem to be an awful lot of non-couple visitors and 'adult family' guests at the resorts lately and the danger is that the unique romantic atomsphere carefully created by Couples will be changed to just another adults only resort.

    I did read on the MB a few months ago a review by a married lady guest who had just returned from a holiday at Couples with a female friend. She said she knew it was for couples only but they chose it because of the inclusions, the great staff and the fact that there were no children. She and her friend intended to return to Couples and wasn't bothered that the policy was couples only!! Surprisingly, there was no comment from the moderators to this breach of their stated policy.

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    Love it! We have always wanted to go to Lido. We have been to SC resorts in the past, but then we found couples and they have gotten 100% of our business since the day we first arrived at CSA.

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    If Couples does acquire BGN, I'm guessing they'll have to shut it down for a while to make overdue renovations. I was just there in April and the property is definitely not up to Couples standards...nor was the service!
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    We've stayed at Breezes Grand Negril a couple of times in the last three years. Couples Negril is our favorite, but we got package deals that enabled us to go twice in a year. Was it Couples? No. But it's a lovely property, and the grounds maintenance has been superb. The room decor is very outdated, the rooms are big, but balconies are laughably small. We found the service to be good to pretty good, with some of the long time employees especially very friendly and dedicated to the guests. There's one guy in particular, Dane, a waiter - if you can hire him Couples, make sure he stays! If the food at CN is a 10, at Breezes it's a 6 or 7. The joke among long time returning guests was that all Superclubs did was "paint and sweep", meaning that there was little investment in anything new (like a new restaurant, new boats, etc.).

    The A/N side is a bit different than Couples. On one hand, it's more private - the walking vendors cannot go over there, and nobody who is not staying there can walk over to the a/n side. There is a lot more shade. It's bigger, and it has a small (very small) pool and more importantly, a lively manned snack bar grill. We never once went to lunch at the main dining room - always jerk chicken or lamb chops at the grill. On the other hand, it was not mandatory nude, so you got the occasional gawker, or the couple where only one is naked. The a/n beach is a bit rougher, but snorkeling off of the a/n beach is fantastic.

    We were very gung ho about the old Braco being taken over by Couples, as it was an incredible property, especially the nude side. However, it's being run by another company now as a family resort. We have friends who just returned from there who liked it enough, but they are charging bargain basement prices to fill the place, and clearly cutting corners (the pools was never really clean, water wasn't swept up, etc.). I think that Breezes Negril becoming a Couples makes business sense, but would wonder about how they might share facilities. If we could stay at CN, but use the a/n side at Breezes, we would likely do so. Of course, we would vote for it to be couples only.

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    If they do make it all one I would hope they would keep both A/N sections. It would be a very long walk over to the A/N section at Breezes plus I heard it was very rocky.
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    I agree with Captain Jim. Please don't mess with Couples Negril! The reason we are making our 5th trip to CN in November is the size and feel of the resort. We love the small footprint, it gives an opportunity to meet so many more people. And we love the laid-back ambiance. It truly is a special place. 55 days to go!!! Yay for sun, sand and love.....and Couples Negril!

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    We Love Couples resort but every other year we go to BGN for a concert take over. We were so hopen that the band would change resorts because of the disrepair that BGN has been in the last couple of years.

    I think it would be awesome if Couples takes over BGN ! Providing they fill it with Couples amenities and a au natural swim up bar . If they do that . We found another home !!! WooHoo !!!!

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    Any info on what Couples plans to do with the resort if the deal does get approve by all the parties?

    Irie Mon

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