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    Default Best restaurant at CSA for Lobster night?

    What is the "best" restaurant at CSA for Lobster night? Last year we did Lemon Grass, so thought about trying Feathers. Any favorites?

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    Patois was excellent. I think it was parmesan crusted with a creamy white sauce.

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    Why not do them both.

    Do the reservation restaurant first then the other. That is what we did last week at CN.
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    We were there last month and due to the close proximity to our suite, ate at Patois for lobster night, and it was wonderful. Never had a bad meal anywhere at CSA.

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    Hi bball2011,
    As far as we're concerned any restaurant is good for lobster night. The problem we've had with Feathers is getting the reservation and then the long drawn out affair having dinner there. Last year it took what seemed like forever to receive our first drink order. Then it took like forever to order and receive our meals. We much prefer eating at Patois Patio because, yes you are on Jamaican time so the pace is slower than what we're used to, but it isn't as gruelingly slow as Feathers. Then again you may really enjoy the super slow pace while having dinner at Feathers. Whatever your choice is, enjoy your time in Paradise aka CSA.

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    I thought I read that Saturday was Lobster night at CSA. Is that right or is it more that 1 night? That's the only night we are not there and would hate to miss the lobster.

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