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    Default Repeaters who are gonna miss the Repeaters' Dinner!

    We're so sad! This Nov will be our 3rd Couples visit. I booked LAST June '11 for our Nov '12 stay at CSS. Looked at the schedule of nightly events that was listed in June of '11. We coordinated our stay (only 5 nights) so that we could be at the Repeaters' Dinner. Now they changed the night and we're gonna miss it! Is there any other extra "perk" that we could receive? I know we'll get tshirts and a massage, but missing that dinner has my husband and I very sad! Randymon? What say you??

    Chris & Sterling

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    Although we enjoy the Repeaters Dinner, I wouldn't say it is the highlight of our trip. The dinner is several hours long, and while that is OK for some people, we are always the first couple to leave the table after dessert is finished. I personally would just book a romantic dinner at Casanova instead. We thoroughly enjoyed Casanova; nothing more romantic than a dinner on the Casanova patio gazing at the stars.

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    I really enjoy meeting a staff member at the repeater's dinner. I enjoy learning more about the operation of such a top-notch resort. I regret not taking the CN kitchen tour when it was still available. It is obviouse that it does not have a huge footprint, but the kitchen consistently puts out amazing food (quantity and quality). I would love to see how they do it.

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