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    My wife and I are going to CN for the first time in May and I saw that they have sailboards available. Was just wondering if anyone could comment on the type of boards they have and what conditions to expect. Looks like a protected bay so Iím guessing flat water, should I expect much wind in May and would it be worthwhile to bring a harness?

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    gelmy, if you are in a harness, do not expect big winds, as said- in bloody bay maybe 8 to 10 knots just before the storms arrive in the afternoon, Hi Fly boards Motion and Matrix, one small board. Good sails, 4.5 to 6.7, (forget it no water starts unless you get outside and the hotel frowns upon that too far from land. Good beginner location for practice of skills for basics. Sorry-- but I have been there many times and never any wind to speak of for an advanced w/s. I am an instructor, hope this helps, they have harnesses. Bring footwear for the boards (slippery) Fair winds.

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    pretty much what i figured, thanks

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