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    Default Tennis Courts at Couples Sans Souci

    Just wondering if anyone has been to the courts at CSS recently? The main website says that the courts are clay, but I also found information that says they are hard court. If they are clay, are they Har-Tru?

    Thank you!

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    They are hard courts, not clay

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    Thats a bummer I was hoping that the courts were clay. According to the website it says that they are clay:

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    Can anyone else confirm this? I'm so confused....

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    Definitely no clay courts at CSS only hard courts. Could be some clay courts at CSA as they have a very large sports complex but we have never been there so can't comment. The courts at CTI are 'artificial grass' courts which we like as it's what we are used to in the UK.

    Mad about tennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnirene View Post
    some clay courts at CSA
    Yes, there are clay and hard courts at CSA. Don't know about CSS.

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    Unless something has changed CSA has (or had...) several Har-Tru courts. I also saw the description of CSS courts being clay, but as far as I know they have always been hard courts.

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    Courts at CSS are hard not clay
    there are 2 courts
    They are in decent shape. Like a good public park court here in the US
    Definitely not at private club standards

    The CSS pro is great
    We played with him every day when we were there in July
    Got lots of good tips and great exercise
    The only down side is that it is really hot and humid
    We could only last about 45 minutes in the morning


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