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    Default t-27 days til our CSA honeymoon: need a little help!

    I saw a thread awhile back suggesting what to bring with you such as sunscreen, bug spray, things you may forget and get charged a lot for, and things you might not expect to bring. Can anyone help me find this thread again or help me out on these items I may not think to bring? I think I read something about bringing some big cups for drinks? I am in bridal panic mode.

    Also, I heard management at CSA changed and has caused some small changes in service. Any truth to that?

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    Don't panic...It will all be fine No Problems MON I read the threads and made my notes, I took everything including bubble wrap for souvenirs which my hubby thought I was nuts and I did not use most of it because it would have been a pain to keep up with. Do take bug spray because they have the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see and you want to be on the beach to watch them and that is where the sand flies eat you. Sunscreen is a yes as well however I was there in Aug and it was cooler in Jamaica then in Texas which is where I am from so we never used the sunscreen. The straws and cups are not the end of the world I never even used the ones I took. They serve drinks in hard plastic cups and they have regular straws but I suggest go sit at the tiki bars on the beach and enjoy the bartenders they are fun to get to know and if you are dining at night you would not take a cup anyway. If you are in your room you have a frig, ice, and drinks so you can refill or go back down to the bar and hang out or just order several instead of one and go to your veranda. Who really wants to keep up with stuff in paradise use theirs and if you sit it down and leave it somewhere go get another no problem. Cat treats yep there was lots of cats sorry I am an animal person some people even had canned cat food with them...LOL next time I am leaving the cups and straws at home and taking cat food. I also took shampoo condit and lotion. Next time I will take conditioner because I have long hair and it likes heavy conditioning but I did not use my shampoo and lotion. If you are going on excursions or living life on a time schedule make sure you have something to tell time with I bought a really cheap wrist watch and attached it to my backpack. Oh yea a backpack take one you can use it so many ways. I always have multiple cameras, money, sunscreen and bug spray so it all stayed in my backpack which I could put on a lounge chair and no one messed with it while I was swimming and if I bought something I did not have to carry it or take it to my room.
    Everything you read sounds like a good idea of things to take but seriously are you going to use it all or are you taking it just in case but BUGSPRAY and SUNSCREEN dont leave home without em!!! Oh one more thing an ink pen to use on the plane to fill out the forms they give you before landing.

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    The "I wish I would have thought of that" thread

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