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    Default Proof of marriage for honeymoon extras

    How do I prove this? Email them a copy of the marriage license?

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    Just bring a photocopy along

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    I've heard of people bringing a wedding invitation too.

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    We just brought our invitation.
    Lori and Dean

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    Either a photocopy of your marriage certificate or a wedding invitation. I went for my honeymoon last year and they never asked - I asked them if they wanted to see it and they said "Nope, your travel agent already notified us it was your honeymoon".. works for me..- they don't always ask - but I'd bring it anyway - the perks are worth it!!

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    Way late on this one, but we had our rings engraved and just showed them those.

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    Just wondering what perks they offer for newlyweds??? Going July next year on honeymoon

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    to answer the original question a wedding invitation works just show them at the front desk we used that at CSA last week. to answer southernanna's question we got a bottle of champagne delivered to the room and a free 25 minute massage for my wife and myself.

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