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    Default Just Back from CTI

    We booked a SR in May hoping to get CTI. We have been to Jamaica (15) times, at first some other resorts and then we stayed at CN (3) times and then decided to try CSS and we stayed there once two years ago.

    This was our first of any type of SR, I am usually very picky about the resort and room location.

    We did get CTI and guess what, WE LIKE IT BETTER than CSS and CN

    The resort was wonderful, it was spotless, the staff was very well trained and overly friendly. We were in building FOURName:  CTI.jpg
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Size:  48.6 KB 1st floor, had a wonderful view from our balcony and we loved the room location

    The restaurants and staff was what put it over the top for us. The repeaters dinner was on our first night. We also dined at Bayside (2) times and 8 Rivers (2) more times. The Veggie bar during the day was a great snack . We had room service (full breakfast) a couple times and it was awesome. We only ate at Patios (1) time and that was on Saturday night for the Grand Buffet, it was really good, great selections of everything. The Lobster Bisque was the same as they served in 8 Rivers each night. Lobster night is Friday and we were at 8 Rivers, lots of lobster.

    The beach was not crowded at all, we could always find a spot in the shade for me. There seemed to be more people on the Island some days than on the main beach. The main pool was not very crowded and a great place for sunning and reading w/o any noise or loud music

    My ONLY complaint for the whole trip was that there were mosquitoes at our balcony, they were small and did not bother me but my wife could not sit out there very long during our whole week stay. I did not call the front desk to report so that is probably my fault. My other small complaint was that I love Reggae music and they played more American music at the swim up bar pool so we did not hang out there as often.

    We did visit the Island one afternoon, very nice!

    The picture attached is the view from our balcony one evening.

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    I'm glad you liked it so much and had a great time. We love CTI and we have stayed at all four of the Resorts, I really don't think you can beat the staff at CTI.

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    Hi drbcwp!
    Glad you enjoyed CTI. It is such a wonderful resort! The picture of the view from your room is fantastic! We will be returning to CTI for our 3rd visit next month. We booked a Deluxe room and I hope that we are able to stay in Building 4 ~ it is the perfect location for us.
    We have never experienced mosquitoes at either CSS or CTI. But, I will remember to bring some bug spray this time, just in case! Thanks for mentioning it.
    I do remember on our last visit wishing for more Reggae at the swim-up bar. They DID play newer Reggae, which was okay, but not as relaxing as the slower paced favorites that we all love. I have to add, that the bartenders were so great... they could have played just about anything and we would still have a great time!
    Can't wait to get back in 35 days!

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    That was the first time that I remember mosquitoes in Ja after many many trips, our last trip to Cancun they were bad.

    They did not bother me but they kept after my wife, it could have been because we were on the first floor.

    The room location was perfect, 1st floor building 4, I will remember that one.

    Yes, the bartenders were great but I did miss the reggae playing all day that we had at CN, we hung out more at the big pool during the mornings and there was no music there

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