So thankful I brought
my husband of course!!
top line shampoo & conditioner- sea, sand, & pool water wreak (sp?) havoc on the locks
bug spray for the sand fleas at night (lil boogers are merciless! but stayed away after sprayed)
several swimsuits & coverups (in these all but for supper- we dressed up each night)
tervis cup or water bottle (cups there are small- I used my water bottle only for water, hard to stay hydrated- didn't ask bartender to fill with other beverages- big no-no)

Really Really Really Wished I would have brought
a hairdryer (one in the room took over 25-30 min to dry my hair)
a better under water camera (disposable ok but digital w/zoom would have been so much better)
pre-typed contact info cards- we met so many people that we exchanged info with, would have been easier than handwriting all the time

Wished I'd left at home
about 1/2 the clothes that I took, really didn't need
bendy straws- didn't even open, they have straws there just not flexible ones (oh well)
chair clips for the beach towels- very unnecessary to hold down towel but were cute way to know where our chairs were though

Any tips from others?