Not wanting to get off on an entirely wrong foot, the wife and I are booked onto our first Couples holiday in November and are very, very excited about it. Only two months to go!

Now - question about tripadvisor. We use tripadvisor a lot, and it is the best resource we think to ensuring you get the best holiday experience. We also realise its limitation and that people have a higher propensity to post if they have a bad experience.

Most posts on Couples Negril seem honest. Most are positive. They talk about people having a great time and great service and we tend to find those which talk about bad service when others say it is great are those that you have to take with a pinch of salt.

On CN, there's been a little theme of late - sure we know the rooms are a bit dated but people seem to be becoming a little more critical, but more recently the talk of the condition of the water in the pools and the pool loungers being covered in mold have started to worry us. Mosquitos we are used to, this is the Caribbean lets not forget, but infestations and bed bugs??

I wonder if there are any of you here that have been to CN really recently who could help allay our fears? We're committed to a Couples holiday as on paper it looks just like our type of thing. We have three other resorts to swap to, potentially, but is there any need?

You all seem happy on here! Just need some reassurance!

Thanking you all in advance!