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    23 days!

    So what do you wear when you're in your room? I know I'm going to get a lot of "NOTHING"s but I'm curious what people sleep in and/or wear to lounge on the verandah. At home Hubbs and I would be wearing jammy pants and t-shirts if we were to stay in a regular hotel but would that be too warm there? Do you need lighter pajamas? A robe? We're staying at CSA and I'm not sure how public it feels from the verandah. If we did wear jammy pants would I come home and find a bunch of postings on the message board in a thread titled "I can't believe how tacky some people are wearing pajamas on their verandah! PLAID! They were PLAID for crying out loud!"? Should we be fully dressed for morning coffee lounging?

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    Robes are supplied and quite often that is all we have on when we are lounging on our patio(verandah).

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    Plaid jammy pants are fine (perhaps a little warm, but not bad).

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    We wear our Couples robes that are in the room......
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    Wear whatever you want. It's your vacation, and you're going to get a bunch of different answers, which you should take with a grain of salt. Bring what makes you comfy. The opinions on this board are just that, opinions. I have plaid PJ pants, but would only not wear them there, because I don't bring anything that goes below the knees, outside of the pants I must wear to one of the restaurants.

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    I am so glad I missed the post about PLAID pj's on the verandah ! UNBELIEVABLE !
    Some mornings I wear the robe provided by the resort, but sometimes, yes it is a little too heavy ( not usually though in the morning). I wear WHATEVER I wear to bed. If it is sexy or practical I do not care.
    P.S. I find a man in a pair of plaid pj bottoms, without a shirt sexy. Also, I have NEVER noticed what others are wearing on their verandahs nor do I care. I personally think we should have a push to have people start sitting on their verandahs nude : )

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    Ok so to start I can honestly say I saw lots of people from my veranda but I have no clue what they were wearing nor was I concerned with it. I took shorts and t shirt but CSA has awesome robes in your room so I found myself lounging in thier robes to drink coffee on the veranda and my husband just wore shorts and we spent lots of time on our veranda at night and in the morning. We were there in Aug and if it below 80 I get cold but I was quite comfy in just the robe but just wear whatever make you comfortable its your room and the great thing is the people that visit CSA are not looking at the other guests everyone focuses more on the beauty of the place and the stress free enviroment and enjoying the company of the person you are with. Just relax and be who you would be at home without the stress of life its so WONDERFUL!!!!!

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    We are one of those that wears "nothing" in their room, and the robes that they supply is what we wear on the veranda in the morning. Why should we be any different there than at home. The truth is, wear what you feel comfortable in. Who care's what others think, you are on vacation and should be comfortable.

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    Ummm, we wear very little on our balcony(1st floor) at CN, mostly our beach attire during the day, and for coffee in the AM not much more than shorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwieso View Post
    a push to have people start sitting on their verandahs nude : )
    Uh, been there done that.

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    I'm gonna go with....nothing while in the room....and probably a robe while on the balcony. Yup!! Can't wait!!

    Laura & Mike

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    I agree with EmilyK. I remember seeing many people on their verandahs...but I do not remember what they were wearing. The landscape always caught my attention.

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    At CSA we have stayed in the atrium or garden suites which are more in the jungle than on the waterline, so the verandahs are pretty private. I only remember seeing a few other people on their balconies during our week long stay and they were wearing the robes provided by Couples or swimwear.

    I usually bring one negligee and one set of shorts/camisole to wear while lounging around in the room or patio. We are mainly in the room to sleep or get ready so I wouldn't waste a lot of room in your luggage on formal pajamas.

    Location of your room will be a major factor in privacy. If you get certain ones that are oceanfront, they are literally right on the beach so everyone can see you on the balcony and there will be people walking by often.

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback! I didn't know about the robes and they sound perfect!

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