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    Is there a specific room block that will get the wireless Internet connection better than the others? In general, is it a strong connection?

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    Hubby and I have stayed in Blocks C, D, and E and the signal has been good for us on our Netbooks and my Kindle Fire--no connectivity issues for us at all. I'm not sure if that has been anyone else's experience. Once, hubby did have a problem connecting and called the front desk. They connect them to their IT manager and he was able to talk hubby through getting connected. No problem mon!

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    We have stayed in A block the last couple of years, and were at the far end and only had trouble a couple of times. Mostly they were early evening, when I think many of the guest were back in their rooms, and using it also, so it got really slow and my computer locked up due to it. But most of the time it was fine.

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    we were in b and it was fine. only really used it to send an email or two back home to let people know we were alive. or in the morning for a quick check of emails.

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