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    We are thinking of go to CSS for a few days ( split trip with CSA) and I understand that on the SSB people are allowed to keep thier clothes on and wacth the sunset. My question is can people come back after the sun has set like after dinner and use the pool and hot tub au naturel. Not looking to PDA or anything, just a shy husband who may not be willing to chunky dunk in the sun!!!!

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    We went back late at night and nobody seemed to care. Just be respectful!

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    I was wondering the same thing. We are returning in a few months and would love to go to the SSB pool/hot tub or any other pool/hot tub for that matter, at night. We spent a week at SSB, so that's not the issue, just would like to continue to enjoy the areas at night as well. The signs all say they are "closed" at night, so we never went back after dinner. Now I have read a good amount of people do. Is this really OK to do? Just would hate to cause any problems or possibly kicked out of the resort over it. Does anybody know for sure? Randymon?

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    I think you can go back at night---but you would need to bring your own refreshments and towels and turn the lights on.......

    Have a great trip!

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    We go to SSB at night almost every after dinner/drinks. There is usually one guard there, but they won't bother you. Most nights you will have the place to yourself. Other nights, the hottub/pool may be occupied by one or more couples. Nothing like going in the hottub at midnight and watching the stars, or going up the lifeguard stand late at night with your spouse! Never had an issue! SSB was never closed for us at night! It is so dark that you won't know if the hottub is in use until you are getting

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    This is going to be our third trip to Couples. The two previous trips were to CTI. Our last trip we did a day trip to CSS. The people there said, they enjoyed the day & night time usage of the pool. Thats why we decided to split our vacation up this year to seven days at CTI, then off to CSS for another 7 days.
    At CTI, the island is open only during the day and only it is wasn't a red flag day. The anytime access sounded great for us.
    I got to ask Sue, what is "chunky dunk"? Never heard of it. Me and Jen have been nudist for a long time and have not heard it before.
    Oh, and by the way, we made the two digit club today (99 days to go)
    Scott and Jen

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    Thank you suzyQ.
    I don't even care if it's at SSB, just any pool and or hot tub. Maybe I will just ask at the desk to be sure... hmmmmm, most smart people would have already thought of that, I guess...

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    Chunky dunk is a pun on skinny dipping often used in fun by those who might not be so "skinny"

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    Chunky dunking is what those of us with a few more pounds do instead of skinny dipping. Lol

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    Hi joenkim!
    If it doesn't have to be the pool or hot tub at SSB, do I have a suggestion for you! Just above the Mineral Pool is a very private hot tub. Hubby and I have taken a bottle of champagne with us and had a great time. We just make sure we have a pocket flash light with us so we can navigate stairs and get to the hot tub! There is also a hot tub that's fairly secluded between Blocks A & B and the Main Beach.

    One Love!

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