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    Default Excursion Experiences Please-CSS

    Hi everyone!

    I am so excited for Dunns River, I have been before while on a cruise but hubby hasn't.
    Besides that, can everyone tell me the extra excursions you've done while at CSS? We're interested in the White River tubing and the zip lining. Also, did you book them ahead of time or did you do it through Couples once you were there?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Brittany,
    My hubby and I love CSS and I'm sure you and your hubby will too! Here are a few of the tours we've taken: Nine Mile (Bob Marley's birth place and where his mausoleum is located), Coyoba Gardens and Mahoe Falls, Prospect Plantation, and Sun Valley Plantation. We're nut much for ziplining, but we've heard that Mystic Mountain is great as is Dolphin Cove.

    Have a great trip!

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    We did the zip lining last March and had a blast! We booked once we got to CSS with no problems. Enjoy!!

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    We've done the horseback riding excursion through an outfit called "Hooves". They do a plantation tour with a ride in the ocean that is great!! We booked the excursion upon arrival at CSS. You're gonna have such a great time!!!

    Bart & Bug

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