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    Default Has anyone done this? HORSEBACK- Ride D' Waves & swim these Reggae horses

    Just wondering if this tour is worth the money? Does anyone know how long the tour lasts?

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    I am interested too. We are signed up for it, but actually have no idea what it entails. It looked like fun when I read the review though! lol

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    From which resort are you going from?

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    We are interested too! We are coming from CN... how much and is it worth it?
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    Looks like no one has ever taken this tour? Any personal experiences?

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    I want to know the same thing!

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    We haven't heard of this excursion. We did a plantation ride with a ride in the ocean through an outfit called Hooves while staying at CSS. This was a well run event with well mannered horses and fabulous guides. It was really a lot of fun and we'd strongly recommend it. While staying at CSA we did a the same sort of excursion through Rhodes Hall and were not impressed. The horses were not well mannered, one guest was bit by the horse because they didn't have people ride single file and allowed the horses to bunch up. Also, the guides tried to get everyone to make their horses swim...something they don't naturally like. Hope this helps!

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    Default Ride D' Waves & swim these Reggae horses

    Wifey and I took the ATV tour in 2011. Ride D' Waves & swim these Reggae horses is run by the same company and is at the same location. What we did see we did not like. First they take everyone for a ride through the country side. Most everyone liked that. Takes a little over an hour. When you get back to the barn they take you six or seven at a time for the swim with the horses. My wife and I were standing on the dock as they were doing this. They take you into a small bay and force the horses to swim about three laps around the bay. Well, horses do what horses do and the evidence is all along the shore of this small bay. I would not swim in that water. The swim part of this tour is NOT a bunch of horses walking along the beach and you guide your horse into the ocean for a nice little swim. I`m just sayin.
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