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    Default Should Topless Sunbathing be allowed on Couples Tower Isle's beach?

    Currently, our policy limits topless sunbathing to the end of the pier.

    Couples Resorts

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    yes, like all of the others, cti should allow topless. the island does not allow bottoms, and not everyone is ready to go "all the way". let them take their tops off on the beach. if its anything like the others, there will only be a couple of topless women on the beach at a time.
    thanks for opening this up for discussion, Randymon!

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    The resort is secluded, adults only, couples only.. I don't see why not? :fingers_crossed:

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    NO.....not everyone is comfortable seeing others topless on the beach.

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    If it is allowed, then it should be allowed. By pushing it off to the end of the pier this only makes those doing an allowed activity feel pushed off. If CTI has special concerns then allow it anywhere on the pier and/or at least the beach next to the pier. This way all may enjoy in the beach and be able to stay together as couples. You could use the life gaurdstand as a line in the sand if you really needed to seperate people or keep it away from the Veggy bar. Even though it is not seperated on the other beaches.

    By allowing topless back on the beach it would also open up the pier to be enjoyed by all. Right now only topless can enjoy it especially if someone is out there.
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    As a woman who enjoys the freedom of topless sunbathing and a 6 time vistor. I vote to please change the policy.

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    The pier thing is weird. Either allow it or don't. If you allowed it, I doubt there would be all that many taking advantage, but it would allow those who want to the ability to lie on the beach instead of on a dock. Makes some who are doing what is acceptable in their culture seem like outcasts or lepers having them isolated from the rest of us. I say yes, people will get used to it and not even notice after a day or two.

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    As far as I know CTI might be the only adult only resort in Jamaica that forbids topless on the main beach. My wife and I would like to see topless allowed on CTI's main beach.

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    I think it would open a can of worms. Even tho were all couples I do feel some would not like this. Keep it at the pier. Just my opinion.

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    I think regardless of the decision, *someone* will complain. Either Couples will allow topless on the beach at CTI and someone will complain (I was *shocked* by all the bare breasts, those things should be covered! or I was uncomfortable topless because I felt like I was being ogled like a piece of meat) or Couples will continue the current policy and someone will complain (I'd rather be able to be comfortable on the beach topless, the end of the pier is so "concrete." or I want to be comfortable topless but I don't want to be in the sun like the end of the pier.)

    Obviously, it comes down to the typical business decision: Which choice will satisfy the largest number of customers?
    Judging by the (probably biased as the people on this board are probably more likely to be the ones who would want topless) poll results, the choice would be to allow topless. My suggestion would be to maybe provide "poll cards," completely anonymous, at the resort for 6 months to a year as well. That will get the people who don't realize these forums exist and a wider array of demographics...

    Just my 2c
    Jason A.
    (PS, I voted for topless, but I've held the belief that women should be able to go topless in the same situations a man can *if they so desire.*)

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    As someone who has no problem laying out topless on the pier or going to the island... I don't think it's necessary.

    Some people are not comfortable being around people in various states of undress and I wouldn't want to see people not go to CTI for that reason.

    If Couples is looking to expand areas where being Topless is acceptable, I think adding the pool with the pool bar as an option, but keeping the beach and pool by the patio as is.

    And I'm thinking replies from women should be a little more heavily weighed than men... Just an observation about men being a little more open to boob exposure. lol

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    Randymon, the poll is a great idea. I can certainly see many who may want to go topless at CTI on the beach, as AN may not be their cup of tea. There are many that are very loyal and repeaters who support Couples and CTI who wouldn't mind topless on the beach, maybe a section at least, similar to what there is in Negril. That way it give more choice to more people. Let the masses decide.

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    I don't partake but I've become accustomed to seeing a topless lady or two at CSA. I'm a little envious of those folks that have the courage to go topless or try the nude options at the other resorts. I don't see what the big deal is.

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    I agree, topless is fine anywhere

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    We agree with CricketNPatty...

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    We feel that you should keep it the way it is. If you want to go topless then you have the end of the pier. From what we have seen in other resorts is the people that feel the need to go topless are the ones that you would not want to see topless.

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    A designated area to allow topless for those not willing to completely disrobe would be great.

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    Hoping that the policy gets changed as well, it does seem strange to be forced to the end of the pier.

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    I voted no because if it is allowed on the beach, then it would presumably also be allowed by the pools. Not really something I'd like to see while having lunch in the patio restaurant!!

    Mad about tennis

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    Personally, I don't care if other women on the beach are topless or not. I'm even comfortable with people fully AN. Each to their own. However, I wonder if people like me who (at this point in my life) perfer to cover up certain parts of their body are going to feel uncomfortable or even unwelcome at CTI. I've not yet visited CTI but would like to someday. It's the only Couples resort I haven't been to and it's partially because I think I will feel like a 2nd class guest not being welcomed in all of the beach/peir/island areas.
    Please don't torch me for my opinion. I fully support topless at the CTI beach. I'm just hoping that there will be equal respect for others who do (or can) not share in the freedom of being topless or AN.

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    Why is this an issue? I've seen men walking around with no shirt and they have bigger breasts than I do. They don't have to wear a top.

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    I think this would be good, but beach only.
    Irie Mon

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    I guess I like things the way they are. This is just another variation that makes all 4 Couples locations a bit different. Leaving things the way they are gives an option to people who don't want to see women topless.

    I personally don't care either way, topless doesn't offend me. People who want to be topless already have 3 locations to choose, AN there are 3 locations, each of the 4 locations are different, and I like this. Maybe I just don't get it...I actually do understand AN, but what is the big advantage/deal of going topless over full AN? It is just comfort thing or a personal preference?

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    Thanks for the opening the discussion. We are islanders all the way, so this poll won't affect us one way or another, but I voted yes because I believe in live and let live. Might as well allow it. No harm, in my opinion. If you're not comfortable, you don't have to look.

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    If it is a non issue at the other resorts, why should it be an issue at CTI?

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