So we are from Ottawa, Canada, about a 5 hour drive from Toronto for those who need a reference.

Was reading the local paper this morning, and came across an article about beaches in the Carribean, and the question of whether or not they are clean?

I was mightily impressed to find out that both CSA and CN have Blue Flag status, which from what I understand is very difficult to receive, and is quite prestigious!

The local article, writer is from QMI agency, so it likely will be seen in other places as well:

Anyways, just another reason that we are proud to be Couples vacationers! We have less then 75 days until our next trip to Jamaica, and this trip will close out to the tour of all 4 properties. We have returned every year since our 10 year anniversary 4 years ago, and fell in love with the Island, and with Couples on our very first trip.

I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!