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    Default Essentials List for CIT? Helpful Tips and Must dos

    Ok so my boyfriend and I are going to be at CTI in October. I have read and read the Message Boards, I wanted to make a list of Helpful Hints (info) for first time travelers, please help me also.

    Things to Bring:
    1) Water SHoes
    2) Sunscreen
    3) Cigs if you smoke,
    4) a smile on your face (heck its vacation)
    5) Closed Toe Shoes, pants and Collared Shirts for Men (dinner dress code)
    6) lots of sunscreen, especially if you go AN, (a book or Hat for AN just to cover if you dont want that much sun on your private parts,

    I know this is a small list but with your help maybe we can make it longer so no one forgets anything....

    Things to Do in Ochi:
    1) Dunn River Falls
    2) all of the excurisons you can,
    3) Pelican Bar? It sounds great but is it too far from CTI?
    4) Marley Tour and Birthplace

    Again I am just try to get a list together for people and this is what I have read, never been yet to CTI.

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    I love this post! We are first timers also headed there in October.

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    Check out the Oct thread and add your name to the list.

    Pelican Bar is a hike...

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    I would add bug spray. In 3 trips, I've only needed to use it once, but was glad I had it. The mosquitoes and other insects were bad near the water at night, and I talked to many other girls who had the same problem this time.

    Also bring some basic OTC meds so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg at the gift shop (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Tums, etc). If you use the search function, there are some great threads on this topic already.

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    So would any one else like to add to the list....

    I was thinking and medicine - (over the counter advil, Tums and so on, I hear the gift shop is pricey).

    Pack light in case you want to bring Rum and other goodies home.

    Make sure that you do have a range of clothing, some of the restaurants are very nice and often people get a bit more dressed up, so I have heard.

    Now I hear that Bug spray is always good and extra sunscreen.

    Beach hat, waterproof bag for your camera DicaPac work well.

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    We were at CTI last week,

    You do need the bug spray and plenty of sunscreen. It was really hot in the mornings, the breeze was there every afternoon. There was plenty of shade to be found at (1) of the pools or the beach or the island.

    You really only need closed toe shoes for 8 Rivers, I wore shorts and a Collared shirt for all of the other restaurants

    If you are staying at least (5) days then you should probably visit Dunns River which is a unique place. We had already been to the falls (4) times over the years so we did not leave the resort this time.

    There is plenty to do at the resort, it gets dark pretty early (6:30) so if you sleep late then your days will be short.

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    Check out this great thread....... THE "I WISH I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT" THREAD

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