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    Am having trouble choosing which room to get a CSA. We like a quite spot, not near pools or night clubs. View is not as important. I prefer being off the ground floor, higher the better. Any advice would te nice.

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    2nd floor Atrium - ask for one near the wedding gazebo.

    This is essentially buried in the middle of the resort with easy access to really either the Palms or Patois. It is very quiet, as it doesn't pick up street noise or evening music from the Palms, and the only real activity is people getting married at or having their reception at the gazebo (which if I remember correctly, isn't half as busy as beach weddings). There's also a little koi pond or stream or some such in that area and it's only steps from the beach. Very private, and very nice....

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    Well you made the right choice in CSA if those are your preferences!!! CSA is more of a "rustic" resort so the only rooms higher than 3 floors are directly above Patios Patio (restaurant) and the swim up bar along with being in the same building as the Night Club. These are more "hotel" style rooms. My recomendation is the Atrium Suite's. My wife and I have stayed in one all 5 trips and will be back the 24th! They are smaller bungalow style buildings with only 4 units. There is a 2nd floor, recomended for privacy and has a hammock! The rooms next to you are seperated by a small garden with palm trees and vegitation, the only wall you share is the one on your patio. Honestly we either have lucked out and never had someone next to us or we were never back in the rooms at the same time!! Some Atrium Suites are close to the Palms, main dinning area and some entertainment at night, however it is typically over by 10:30 or so and has never bothered us one bit!!! These rooms were recently upgraded with mini bars as well, they do not have TV's (which we love), Ipod docking station as your alarm, etc. Just my 2 cents but I think you will really enjoy them based on the few requirements you provided. Message me if you have any other questions and have an amazing trip!!!

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    The Atrium rooms are along the center of the resort behind the beachfront suites...not at either end, where the night life is. They're also close to the beach but not on it. They don't sit up real high but are nice. The rooms that sit up the highest are the Garden and Beachfront Verandah Suites. The Aura Lounge (night club) is located in the Great House. Hope this helps!

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    As with any of the room categories, there is no guaranteeing which floor you will be on. The only way to guarantee that you will not be on the ground floor is to book a room in the Greathouse. All of those rooms are either second or third floor. We stayed in the Greathouse last year, and even though it is in the same building as Patois and the Aura Lounge, we never had a problem with noise at night. In fact, the most noise was during the day; if we left our verandah doors open, we could hear the crowd at the swim-up bar.

    With regard to the atrium rooms, they are scattered all across the older section of the property, including directly across from The Palms. Our friends (Randy and Donna) had an atrium room earlier this year and ended up moving because their room was directly across from the Palms and there was a fair amount of noise both at night and early in the morning during breakfast set up. Personally, we usually get the beachfront verandah suite rooms. We've never had an issue with noise in these rooms. And with three floors, you have a better chance of getting a non-ground floor room (well, this would be true for any of the "verandah suite" rooms).

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    Sounds like an atrium room might be a good fit, as others have mentioned. Many of the atrium suites are in the middle of the resort - not quite on the road, but not beachfront either - so you have relative quiet and lots of privacy.

    Last year we got a 2nd story one near the wedding gazebo. I say relative quiet because some of the windows don't have glass, just wooden shutters. In the mornings, we were usually woken by the sounds of the staff walking by and talking and rolling their various carts. Not that they were loud, just due to the open air nature of the suite. We could faintly hear entertainment noise from the Palms in the evenings too, but that usually wrapped up before we went to sleep.

    This year we got a garden room which has all glass enclosed windows and we were basically right on the road (could see the street when walking up to our room), yet I found it easier to sleep in there because I didn't hear the wheels of the carts rolling around bright and early.

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    We stayed there 8/11-8/17 this year, in the building of Patios rest. we stayed on same floor as the nightclub, internet cafe, casino, which is second floor....we had beach view, pool with swim up bar and beach steps away, our room was very private ( that I can promise you )
    was completely perfect, also right at end of resort and about a 4 minute walk up beach to Margaritaville, but honestly you can't go wrong anywhere at CSA!! I can guarantee you will have an amazing time, and how much time do you spend in your room?? so take whatever and enjoy!!! post pics when you get back!! I wish I was going "HOME"

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