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    So this is our first time at a Couples resort or any resort. We are going to Swept away at the end of this month and are starting to pack. Well Im having a problem with shoes. We are getting married on the beach an wearing nice flip flops but would like to go an eat at feathers afterwards. Are we going to be able to do that in our wedding shoes or are we going to have to change. Not sure how strict the dress code is. Any help would be great. thank you

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    Flip flops no. A nice pair of dress sandals yes.

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    Go to the restaurant section for CSA on the website and the dress codes for each restaurant are listed in the details for each one.

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    When I think of flip flops, I think cheap and rubber. Even if they are accessorized with a flower or something similar, why take the chance when there are so many cute and casual sandals out there to choose from?

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    First of all if your getting married on beach, like we did last month at CSA, actually renewed 25 years!! go barefooted!!! and yes we wore our wedding attire and flip flops were worn by both of us!! Have fun and dont worry, its a " no problem mon " place!!

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