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    Default Single digit dance!!

    OMG, I have been waiting to say that for SO long now!! Next Friday, we will be coming home to CSS and a much needed vacation and escape from life. Can we order our Vodka Tings now, so they are ready and waiting See you on the 14th around 3 pm, toes in the sand......YAY!!!

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    Vodka Ting = good
    Appleton VX Ting = sublime

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    Jerry and Angie CN 9 days but who's counting

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    8 days 10 hrs till CSS but who is counting! Ha ha

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    We leave for home (CN) in apx 38 hours! I am looking forward to a lot of sand gravity, snorkeling and red flag service!

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    We started at 454 days. Now we're at 9 days until we come Home to CTI! Can't wait for some Ackee & Saltfish, jerk chicken, lobster, island, smoked marlin(and on and on), and to see all of the wonderful staff again!

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    217 days for us (CTI) and I can't wait for: The awesome staff and their infectious smiles, breakfast, lunch, dinner, the beach party, the island and not having an ounce of stress for one week.

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    5 days 18 hours 17 minutes and 14 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!! Home to CSA!!!

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    6 days until our first Couples trip...CSA here we come!

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    9 more sleeps!!!
    It's nice to be in the single digits!

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