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    So on facebook they have a picture of the hatching turtles at Sans Souci! Does this happen every year at the resorts? just Sans Souci? My biggest dream of all time is to see these turtles hatch one day. I am thinking we are going to make our next trip to Couples next year at the time that this happens. Anyone have any imformation on how to make sure I get the biggest chance at seeing them????

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    CSS has an environmental officer, unfortunately his name escapes me right now, who is very knowlegeable about the turtles! When we were there in July, the turtles were coming on shore at on SSB to lay their eggs! The enviornmental officer and his team were clearing some foliage on the beach so it was easier for them to come ashore and lay their eggs. Since the turtles like quiet, the after party that is normally held at SSB after the Starlight Gala was moved to the Beach Grill so the turtles wouldn't be disturbed! Perhaps if you contacted Randymon he could get you in contact with the environmental officer?

    Good luck!

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    We were there last week & saw 2 separate nests hatch!! Don't know about next year but your best chance is in 2014 around the 1st of Sept. since they are on a 2 yr cycle

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    We saw a hatching at SSB on Monday evening, Very Nice!! (and echo suzyQ re, informative Environment Mgr).
    There had alrady been one nest hatching a few days before and we were told there were two more to go (we only saw one more - w/ the protective yellow tape around it).

    So maybe a span of a week or more, if this year is typical.

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