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    Default Yoga for beginners?

    We'll be back to our beloved CN in December. I know there are yoga classes, but does anyone know if there are any for beginners or only for the more advanced? It's something I'd like to do, but not if I'll be the only beginner.

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    I went to my first yoga class ever last July at CN. I loved it. The classes only had a few people in them. The classes are for everybody. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner. That is the beauty of yoga. Only complaint I had was some days the classes weren't till 4 P.M. By that time I have had a few rum punches. I like the 9 or 10 A.M classes.

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    Thanks Jimnmariann. I'm with you for the 9 or 10 am. By 4pm, it's tough for me to even get up and go to the spa!

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    It actually depends on the visiting instructor....most do all levels, however. Make sure you try it and see...only do what you can do...and BREATHE!!!!

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