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    My husband and I will be at CN the 1st week of November and he may want to golf a morning or two. Does anyone know if clubs are available for rent or should he bring his own along?

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    Clubs are available for rent, although if your husband is going to play more than once, I would suggest that he bring his own along. The rentals are 'mixed sets' of varying ages.

    If he does go and golf, he should ask for Sharron or Steacie as a caddie, and please ask him to say hi, and that we are looking forward to seeing them again at the end of Feb/beginning of Mar.


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    I'll have him say hi for you. Thanks for the info!

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    I brought my clubs last time and played every day. Other trips to Negril I have played only a couple of times and just rented clubs. There are different sets of clubs to rent at different prices. Some, as mentioned above, are sort of mixed sets. This is partially because the don't mind you picking through the available sets a bit to gather the clubs you want. I did this to get some stiff shafted clubs that help me keep the ball on the island.
    There are nicer full sets available most of the time.

    I also recommend Steacie and Sharron but my favorite caddy there in recent years has been a very nice young man name Shern (might be spelled Shurn), he is friendly, professional, and enjoyable to be around.

    One last note... I don't walk that course anymore. It's perfectly walkable if you are in shape, but my legs were too shot to enjoy my tennis later in the day the last time I walked it. It's called Negril Hills for a reason.
    Have fun!

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