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    Default CSA- this weekend

    Me and my future wife are leaving for CSA this sun. after our wedding. What are some tips for us to do and what are some of the things we need to bring besides the swimsuits and some dress clothes for dinners.

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    The two most important things for me:

    Bug Spray
    Sunscreen- lots of it!

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    Thats sounds about it... swim suits and something to wear to dinner at night. lol
    I also suggest people bring a bottle of Woolite. I pack one every trip to wash our bathing suits in the sink. Its doesnt take long at all. Just a quick wash with a little Woolite keeps them from getting smelling from the humidity. It was one of the best tips I ever got from this board.

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    First off congratulations on the upcoming wedding and trip to CSA!!! There are a TON of reviews and tips threads on the MB so I would suggest searching around for advice and tips on packing etc. As for the trip just relax and enjoy!!! If you guys are wanting to be active there is a massive sports complex and excursions the resort can set you up on but most of the people I have talked to have these plans and once they see the beach those thoughts fade away!!! You will be on one the most beatiful beaches in the world with amazing people doing everything they can to make it the best honeymoon they can for you (get to know the staff they truely are wonderful)!! Absorb the Jamaican vibe and embrace the Jamaican "time", no one is in a rush and everyone is so happy and friendly!!!

    If you don't mind can you do me a favor and check to see if the putt putt/mini golf is completed? I saw on a thread that it was being built over by the sports complex in July but have not seen anything since. We are back to CSA for our 5th trip in 19 days and were curious if this was completed yet. Again congrats and I hope you and your bride have an amazing honeymoon!!!

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    Don't forget the insect will need this to watch the sunset on the beach, camera, backpack, a pair or 2 of shorts and may want sun screen. Depending on what you want for souvenirs I took an extra suitcase just to bring stuff back in and because everyone wanted something from Jamaica. Have fun and congrats on your wedding you picked a wonderful place for a honeymoon.

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    Have your wife bring a shawl or sweater if you plan to eat at Feathers, as this is the only air conditioned restaurant, and can be COLD!!

    Other than that, allow the sand gravity to do its thing. After all of the hectic weeks before your wedding, I'm sure you'll appreciate being pampered!!

    Have fun at one of our favorite vacation spots on earth!!

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    Pack your suits in you carry-ons just in case your room isn't ready when you arrive. Then you can change and enjoy the resort while you wait. Don't miss the catamaran cruise, red snapper sandwiches at Seagrapes cafe and the GORGEOUS sunsets. Take a left on the beach Angeles go shopping and bar hopping and get a little Jamaican flavor. You will be approached by vendors and a simple "no thanks" will do. Have a great trip!!

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    I forgot to mention that the cat cruise crew are not Couples employees so If you are so inclined, there is a tip jar at the bar. A few dollars is appreciated. They also sell trinkets and t-shirts sometimes. Have fun.

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    Here right now ... Get the GOOD bug stuff!! We were at CN a week ago and the bugs were nothing there, hardly any bites. Here at CSA, getting eaten up like crazy. Tried the Off Deep Woods and AVON Bug Guard. Neither is great but the Avon works best for me and hubby... Bring 1s and 5s for tips "off resort". Go parasailing. Dont do the Chukka Ride N Swim with horses - the swim is only a few minutes, not worth it; try another horseback one if you want. Book tours/excursions online, at least check out pricing. One of our tours, we saved more than $20pp. You will love it here, we leave here Tuesday

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