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    Default Another room question for css

    Besides the One Bedroom Beachfront suites, which block of rooms or room style would require the least walking? I am not excited about staying in the One Bedroom Beachfront suites, but I booked it because my husband has a bad knee and foot. Upon check in I was considering seeing if I can pay for a different room style, if it were convenient to everything and had a nicer patio. I am all about patio, so this is why I am concerned about our booked room. Any ideas on a rooms, I do not need a living area, just a bed and a nice patio. Thanks, Leaving in 2 weeks from today!

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    C & D are mid resort (half way up half way down) C has no patios. D patios are hit and miss - some are large some are small. In the past when I have booked there has not been much difference in rates between the beachfront and the ocean suites.


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