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    I was wondering if anyone has anyone seen any decent painters either on the beach or around CSA. I like to get a cheap decent painting bring it home and frame it till my next trip to whereever I go next. First time to Couples but not to Jamaica and am excited.


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    ya mon, on tuesdays and fridays you get get small pictures from ray bell, also does t shirts, on wednesday ian hall is on the beach, very good, not to expensive, on mondays there is a guy that sells painting, dont know his name and dont want to, very rude and very expensive, swept away can do wiht out him!!!!!

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    When we were there last year they had vender on the resort one or two days during our 7 days. I am not sure if they were the artists but they did have some nice paintings.Be prepared to haggle everything was negotiable we got some nice wood carvings from them.Some nights they have artists that will do your portrait,they were very good.

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    Art is in the eye of the beholder! I'm sure you'll find something to your liking as there is much to choose from. You might have to search out artists, off the beach,for more sophisticated art work as the beach vendors have very stylized pieces. Good luck and happy hunting!

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    If the vendors at CSA don't have anything you like I'd suggest you walk across the road by the photo shop. There is a couple of stores in there and one of them is an art gallery. We've bought paintings both at CSA from the vendors and the shop across the road and all of them were in good condition when we got them home.
    Another option is to sign up for the romance reward program and do the exchanging places trip to CN on the day the vendors are there. They have different vendors at CSA and CN. When we were at CN we bought 2 paintings from an artist there. They are really pretty and completely different than my other Jamaica paintings. One is a humming bird and the other is a hibiscus flower.
    The paintings are a little expensive but they are hand painted originals and each one is unique. No matter what I paid for the paintings, the mounting, framing and lighting has always been more expensive.
    I know there are other artists along the road towards Negril. If no one here responds and tells you about their locations ask at the Concierge desk when you get to CSA.

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    We bought a painting from a vendor set up at CSA, I think it was on a Wednesday but I'm not sure. We haggled a little and got the price down to what I considered reasonable for the large size of the painting. Just a heads up though, now that we are home we took it into a local chain store that does framing. Because the paintings are on canvas, they have to be stretched and depending on the size it can really add up. We went with a cheaper option and still paid about $350 to have it framed, and that was during a half off sale! Maybe you are used to custom framing prices but we definitely had sticker shock!

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