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    Are there prizes awarded for the various games / competitions they have on the activities schedule at the various resorts (8 ball, 9 ball, Table Tennis, Bingo, etc.) and if so, what kind of prizes? (Yes, I know they probably change, but just want to get an idea.) We've been to the Poconos several times and prizes for the games ran from small bottles of champagne, giant chocolate bunnies (during one Easter weekend...and I mean GIANT LOL) to free stays at the resort. Just wanted to have an idea what, if anything, Couples awards for "winning."

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    I won the ping pong tournament at CSA- large bottle of Appleton rum. Started with 12 people, and came down to my husband and I battling for first. I wanted to just call it a draw, but he refused.

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    Free drinks at the bar.

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    We've seen people get small bottles of liquor and last time hubby got a wooden elephant from one of the vendors.
    Honeymoon @ CSA 2010; CSS 2011 & 2012; CTI June 2013

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    Hmmm....I think one year we participated in the "Newlywed game". If my memory serves me correctly, I think we won a bottle of Tia Maria.

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    when I was there last month if you do any of the scheduled games they give you funny money to use in a auction where you bid for all kinds of things like rum, flip flops, paintings, carvings, ect...
    I went to 3 auctions and we won some nice leather flip flops for my wife as well as a nice necklace and bracelet we had about 4 billion in funny money left by our last day that we gave it to another couple that just arrived

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwieso View Post
    I won the ping pong tournament at CSA- large bottle of Appleton rum. Started with 12 people, and came down to my husband and I battling for first. I wanted to just call it a draw, but he refused.
    lol, serves him right!

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    They also give you play money for participating in the activities which you can then use at an auction they hold to buy things with your play money. Seems to me you get million dollars at a time. At least they did that at CN.

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    I won a basket of bath stuff (bath salts, soap etc.) for 2nd place (1st loser) in the bun eating contest on Easter Sunday at CSA. My wife loved it. I should have slowed down and got 3rd place which was a bottle of Tia Maria if I remember right. The guy who won first got a certificate for the water park down the road but he was leaving that day. They said they would set him up with something else though.

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    I will never forget the day, Easter Sunday at CSA 2011. There was Easter Egg hunt at the sports complex.
    Grand prize for the special egg found, 3 free nights at Couples. And I found it. There where other prizes awarded but I was so excited I could not tell you what they were.
    We love Couples, one of the many reasons April 2013 will be our 6th time there.

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    There is a name that tune contest at the Piano Bar and I won a small bottle of Appelton rum.

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    The very first time we were at CN back in 2008, we heard one of the girls from the entertainment staff walking around shouting that she would " give you 100 million dollars to play volley ball". We later found out that you received play money for participating in activities and could use that money at one of the auctions for some very nice gifts. We still to this day use that saying! Such a great memory!

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    I have been lucky enough to be the nominated winner from the "Big Boys" team in the music quiz at CSA on a few occasions! I have won Large bottles of rum, small bottles of rum & Rum Cream....Infact this year our duty allowance this year was taken up by prizes...only we forgot they were all in our cases and bought some rum cream at MoBay shhhhh
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    At CN we got "funny money" for anything we participated in to use at the auctions. If you participated in minute to win it and loop d prize you got prizes.

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