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    Default Topless snorkling

    Where is the best place to snorkel while staying at CN? Is it acceptable for women to snorkel topless?

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    It's been five years since we stayed at CN, so it may have changed, but here's my two cents:

    Unless you bring your own snorkel gear, you need to go out on the actual snorkel excursion. You will be with a group of people (8 - 12) and I never saw any do it topless. But there's always a first for everything

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    You have to wear a life jacket in the boat and in the water, so I guess you can do as you like.

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    There last February and didn't see anyplace that appeared good for snorkeling.Swimming area roped off with no structures to attract the fishies!Outside the roped area is dangerous due traffic trying to rent you jet skiis and para sailing with an occasional fisherman going by.For snorkeling I'd do an excursion.Been on many snorkeling trips and never saw a female topless snorkeling, however I was looking for fish!

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    If that is how you are comfortable dont see any reason why not, fish down below will mostly see you

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    REally not a reef to snorkel on there. Of you go out a bit deeper you can see some starfish, conch, maybe a ray and some fish. Do the night snorkel. That was very cool!

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    I have never been to CN but at CSS and CTI most of the guys that were snorkeling were topless

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    The roped off area really has no structure to attract much to see, however, my wife and I both snorkel there for something to do while in the water. We have seen many star fish on the bottom as well as some bait fish. A couple of times we have seen ray's in really close and of course crabs from time to time. My suggestion would be to do the snorkel trips. As far as topless, I always am but I have never seen a woman snorkel topless except in Playboy and I am not certain where she was.

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