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    Hi everyone,

    For about a year we have been researching the perfect spot to go to for our 10th wedding anniversary in June of 2013. I've done a lot of research on Trip Advisor. We have convinced ourselves that Couples Negril is the place for us. But there have been more than a few comments recently about the condition of the rooms at Couples Negril. We are not expecting luxurious amenities, but I would like a comfortable stay. Does anyone know if a remodel is planned? From the reviews on Trip Advisor the rooms are very outdated. Thank you!

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    We stay at CSA (9 times and counting). We started our trips back when the "new side" was just built (we were the first inhabitants of the new Beachfront Verandah Suites). The rooms (at least at CSA) are meant to be "rustic." There's none of the marble and sleekness that you might find at other resorts. That being said, we have noticed that the bathrooms of the various room categories we've stayed in have sometimes been a bit "tired." Obviously nothing that has prevented us from returning, though....

    You should probably figure out what's important to you in a vacay....if you're looking for luxuriously appointed rooms with sparkling clean brand new bathrooms, then this resort chain might not be for you....Keep in mind, that while this is definitely NOT a "Holiday Inn" type of chain, it is also NOT the Ritz....I think Couples goes for the "beachy" vibe, which is perfect for us.

    And if we're reading the same comment chain on TA, I believe Gary from Couples commented that rooms are freshened on a rotating basis....

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    Hi we were there Aug 6th thru 16th and that is basically the time period of the poster on TA, I do not know what resort or planet he was staying at but it was not CN. Yes the resort is not the ritz it is a Caribbean style decorated resort, grounds are impeccable, staff is amazing, food !!! LOL we live outside Manahattan in Northern NJ and have the finest restaurants and believe me our last two trips to CN the food was AMAZING. As far as their clothing not drying outside their room come on its summer in the Caribbean its called humidity. Piano bar does not smell at leats not during the late evning and during the wine and cheese hour it did not, and to cold, ridiculous it has to be everyone is dancing working up a sweat!!! Othaheiti is cool as it is Air conditioned but it should be you are required to wear long pants and dress up I would think you want to be comfortable.
    Some people make valid points in their reviews and complaints but some have one little incident and hit Tripadvisor and needlessly bash the resort.

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    We were at CN last year in August. We have been to ALL the Couples Resorts. They are all just right for us. We love the romance, the Jamaican feel, The Beach at my feet feeling. You may not like Couples we really don't know. We have taken friends with us to CSA who did not like it better than S but they like the swanky feel. We just LOVE the Couples feel. Maybe you should go then you will know. We really don't much like Trip Advisor because competeing resorts "Flame" other resorts there and get away with it. All we know is we love the Couples smaller more personal touch. Hope you enjoy where ever you go.

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    We have been to CN 5 times. The rooms are styled what I would consider "retro" Jamaican. The bathrooms have had some updates and some of the linens have been updated. It is the Caribbean, it is humid and it is what it is. Nothing is perfect in the rooms. That said, they are clean. (I am a slight germa-phobe LOL) so me saying that is saying something. I have never felt I had to clean the room. Some grout may be a bit stained but in my opinion, it is inevitable. If you are going to look for the bad, you will find it anywhere. Good luck with your decision.

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    There is a slight bit of truth to the musty smell in the Piano Bar. But I consider this to be the result of air conditioning in a tropical happens.

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    The rooms are fine. Not glamorous by any means, but clean and they do the job. People need to realize that you are not there for the room, but for everything else. You just know once you are there.
    Jamaica Us Happy
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