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    Default Water and Weather in December?

    We have been to Couples Negril only in the summer, this year we are going at Christmastime.
    If you have been there then, how is the water temperature (it was great in July!) and what about the air temperature
    (it was perfect in June!). Is Christmastime special?
    Don't see how Couples Negril could not be perfect any time, but would like some insight. Thanks, smac

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    IMO, Negril weather is perfect that time of year. We have travelled a few different places (mexico, dom., rep, bahamas) and never experienced warm weather like in Jamaica. Last new year was our first time in Negril, at CSA. I could not believe how warm the ocean was and how perfect the weather was (not cool at night). We loved it so much, we are returning for New Year's again.

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    Hi the water is somewhat chillier in December than it is in June, a bit of a shock when you get in but then very pleasant once you are in. The weather is perfect as it is still hot but no where near as humid, also it very rarely rains, you may get a few clouds in the afternoon but that is about all. We will be there for our 7th visit on the 26th December, hope you enjoy your Christmas it is is very special at CN.

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    Have been to CSA both in April and December and the only difference I can say in the weather is that it is not as humid hot in December and the water is warm but not hot, so very refreshing! No worries! That's the wonders of Jamaica! The weather hardly ever changes!!!
    110 days and counting!!!

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    We love to escape the freezing North East in December, particularly at Christmas time. Special doesn't even begin to describe how lovely it is for the Holidays. The decorations, lights, giant gingerbread house, special food and ice displays...The weather is perfect, drier than the summer months, gentlly breezy at night, no need for a sweater. We'll be at CN for Christmas and New Years 2012-13 and have been looking forward to it more almost 9 months. Maybe we'll see you

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    We have been in early December, and the weather is good. Not super hot, but still warm. There was a little rain, but not too bad. The water is cooler than when we went earlier in the year.
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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