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    My fiance and I want to get married at couples in October 2013 and I'm not sure whitch between CTI and CN would be a better fit for us. We're both visually impaired so whitch one do you think would be easier to navigate/ get around in? If it makes a difference I'm looking at eather a Jr Ocean suite at CTI and or a ocean suite at CN... I want a jacuzzi tub lol. Now for the beach, The fiance hates sea grass or plants in the water at all really and I'm not a super strong swimmer but would still like to float around. Speaking of floating since I've never floated in the ocean if I do am I in danger of floating away? Lastly night life how do they compare between the two? We're in our mid 20's and early 30's and so would want to know if there are people still at the bar after 10pm or if one of both are pretty much dead after a certain time though I don't want to feel like I'm on spring break eather. That's all I've got for now but knowing me I'll have more questions as the date draws closer. Thanks in advance for any advice/ imput.

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    If you're visually impaired, CN may be a better fit. There are steps to get everywhere at CTI and that may cause a bit of a problem.

    You won't float away and the water at both locations is beautiful, but in different ways. The beaches are raked each morning so you shouldn't have much problem. Haven't seen much plant life floating in the water.

    Can't really attest to the night life as we're typically asleep by 10, but I got the impression that CN was a bit more active.

    Either would be a great choice but I'd personally recommend CN for you two. Congrats on upcoming nuptuals.

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    CN has the better beach in my opinion. CTI did have some sea grass when we were there a while back. There is a rope in teh swim area so you would have to float over that to drift off to sea... Night life depends on who is there while you are but pretty much a little of everything at both resorts. Take the resort tour to learn the lay of the place.

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    CTI would be easy to navigate as the property is smaller through there are stairs to contend with in getting from the lobby level to the main pool and beach levels. CN is pretty much all on one level, except for the lobby area, but more spread out. The beach at CTI is smaller with more course sand. The beach at CN is larger with soft, white sand. Neither have sea weed and both have calm water as they're somewhat protected, CTI has Tower Isle and CN is in a cove. It's not likely that you'd float out to sea in either location and floating around can be a relaxing way to enjoy the sun and ocean. CTI's nightlife is in the Patio restaurant and also the Piano Bar. CN's is in the Cassava Terrace restaurant and also the Piano Bar (with karaoke). We like the nightlife at CN better...but that could be just personal preference. Hope this helps in your decision process.

    Bart & Bug

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    Ok so after reading these forums, Trip Advisor, and Oyster I've decided we're gonna go for CN since the beach sounds more like what where looking for and it sounds like everything is located reasonably close together so should be a bit easier for us to figure out where everything is. Just BTW to anyone from couples reading this post your website works great with my screen reader even the sample menus so kudos to you for makeing the website accessible for everyone. There really is an icredible wealth of information on here.


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    I haven't been to CN yet, but can describe CTI. We've never experienced sea grass or sea weed at CTI, but I've read about others that have. This probably drifts in depending on currents, weather and time of year. We've been several times in October and in August. I would imagine any beach can have sea weed. But it doesn't grow right off the beach if that is what worries you. Be more concerned with the sea urchins around the island and beyond the swimming area.

    CTI is fairly compact and easy to get around. I don't think you will have a problem. The sea can be choppy depending on the weather, but we've never had a problem floating there. I suppose you could float away if you let yourself, but it would take a while. My wife did float away at Sans Souci though, which was alarming. I got her back though.

    Night life depends on the crowd. Some nights it was loud, other nights it was dead. We usually were up early and left the bar at 11pm or so and there were always some people there. But it is in no way a club atmosphere. Our problem is that we are up early, drink all day, eat a big dinner and crash. Enjoy whichever you choose!

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    Thanks everyone for all the help/ imput. Neather the hubby to be or I have been on a real vacation before llol or married before so it's a learning process but very exciting as well. From reading on here is sounds like most vacationers and the Couples staff are super friendly and welcoming and I can't wait to have my wedding there.

    Thanks again

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