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    Default Is Christopher Still At The Palms?

    We were at Swept Away last august and met the nicest man at the Palms. His name is Christopher and he is the manager at night there. We soon became good friends. I have lost his email address and would like to know if he is still at CSA or moved on. If you know of him would you please ask him to email Paulette in California. We have always had a wonderful time there but this last time Christopher made it extra special. Thanks for any help.

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    Sad news. We looked forward every year to seeing Chris. We were back in April and were told that he had quit just a month before. Big loss for CSA!

    Life is good

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    Just realized you were asking about the Palms. Chris at Feathers is gone. Sorry.

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    Thanks for the information Beach-bum. I think it is the same Chris, he was at Feathers a while back then move to the Palms. I don't know how long he was there. What a wonderful man. We wish him the best wherever he ends up. If anyone else has any information about him please leave a message.

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