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    Default Sans Souci Lobster Night & Repeaters Dinner on Same Night!

    We just returned from a great week at Couples San Souci, but there was one complaint. They switched the Repeaters Dinner from Thursday to Wednesday. This is the same night as Lobster night (when in season). While the dinner is very good, this takes a special night out of the mix. You had the Beach Party on Tuesday, Lobster Night on Wednesday, Repeaters on Thursday and the Gala on Friday. I was able to run over to Pallazina and grab the last lobster tail, but it's fun to check with the restaurants and see what type of Lobster dish they've prepared and maybe even do a 'Lobster Crawl'. Our Repeaters dinner had steak with 2 lobster medallions, but I think I would rather have had the Twin Tails at Casanova. Other than that, Couples level of service and food was just fine.

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    I am leaving in 16 days, and I was disappointed by the change. Can you order Lobster off the in room dining menu on Wednesday ?

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    Luckily for us that will not affect us since this is our first trip. But hopefully this will not impact our return trips. But OMG! A Lobster Crawl?!?!? *adds this to list of things that must be done while at CSS*

    188 days 13 hours 50 minutes and counting

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    My return trip to CSS is in 14 days, YAY!! But, this is the one thing that I have been reading about that is very disappointing to us. We were planning our dining nights based on what we experienced last year, and we too will miss the extra special night of Lobster We love "lobster crawl" and getting to experience the chefs' unique creations. Any reason why this has been done only at CSS? It will not stop us from returning again and again, but really curious why management would make a decision like this.

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    Hi schwieso,
    The in room dining menu in the past was a set menu--nice steak or fish but no lobster on that menu. You will need to dine in one of the restaurants.

    When we were there in July, we opted out of the Repeaters Dinner for this very reason. We love Lobster Night at Casanova!

    Have a great trip!

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    Thanks SuzyQ, this is a tough call , repeaters or Lobster at Casanova- not sure what we will do.

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    I was also disappointed when I found out the repeaters dinner had been changed to Wednesday because we are going to be at CSS to celebrate our 20th anniversary and that falls on a Wednesday. I was thinking it was perfect, anniversary on Wednesday and repeaters dinner on Thursday. I don't want to miss the repeaters dinner, but I don't really want to go to the repeaters dinner on my 20th anniversary.

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    Does anyone know why have done this ? We also loved the beach party, lobster night, repeaters then gala night. Won't put us off ever going back to CSS as it is not really a problem, but maybe Randy or Pierre could answer why ?

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    I feel your pain! Congratulations on your 20th wedding anniversary! The Repeaters Dinner is nice, but you're right it's not what you would normally envision for your 20th anniversary celebration!!!

    One Love and all the best!

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