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    Default Who has less than a month???

    I have been so busy the past week I didn't realize we were finally below the month mark!!! 26 days until we return to CSA for the 5th time. I can't wait to see the familiar faces of the staff and be home on the gorgeous 7 mile beach of Negril! I just did the pre-check in for return guests and I got goosebumps at the thought of a Vodka Ting at the Sunset bar with Dermon or Eduardo telling jokes after the end of a great day on the beach!!

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    We're finally in the teens!! 15 day's until our wedding and 17 days until our honeymoon at CSA!!! Every time I get stressed out about the wedding I remember that I'll be in Jamaica less than 36 hours later. WHOHOOOOOO!!!!

    It will be our first time there


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    We have 15 day! 15 Days! just over two weeks. We can't wait. We will be at CTI, but the Rum and Ting will be just as tasty on that side of the island.
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    Oh, I wish. Still got just over four months to go until our first visit to Couples Negril.... 20th January with vow renewal on 29th (our 20th wedding anniversary). I'm stalking the boards and TA daily.... Have fun guys, sighs longingly...........

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    We are down to 12 days until our first trip to CSA! I am so excited!!

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    26 days!

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    2 weeks from today we will be on the plan!

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    We do! We do!! 19 days 3 hrs and 14 minutes until we arrive to the island. A few hrs later we'll be at CN... But who's counting?!?!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    We`ll be at CTI Sept. 16-22. Two weeks from today.

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    27 days till paradise at CSS... celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Can't wait!!!

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    Less than 2 weeks for us!! The 13th can't come soon enough. We are doing the secret rendezvous so we have just under a week until we find out where we are staying!!

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    21 days til our first trip to Jamaica (CTI), it's just starting to register.... :giggety:

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    Amer003- I with you today, the 2 week countdown! See you at CSS !

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    22 days til we are back home to CSS to celebrate our 20rh anniversary!

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    I6 days!!! Going to Negril!

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    27 days til CSS

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    13 days til csa, but 12 days til our trip begins

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    16 days and counting and my husband and I will be on our way to CN for a week of relaxation! So excited! Our 5 year anniversary is the 22nd. We married on the beach at CSA. So beautiful! Cannot wait to return home to Jamaica!!

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    23 Days (9/26) until we're eating jerk chicken at CTI!! We just did the pre-check in and were surprised by how many choices they offered for the mini-bar.


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    20 days till paradise at CSA

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    We are down to six, yes that would be six days till we leave. Arrive early on the ninth. Clothes are starting to laid out. Can't wait!

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    Only 29 days until we are feeling the sand of CTI between our toes...

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    I am still undecided as to our honeymoon destination, and nervous about letting some random factor pick the hotel.. are upgrades available? it is our honeymoon and we would really like to enjoy this, also being my first trip out of the USA, both of our first trip to the Caribbean, and first time at any all-inclusive, so as a budget-minded usually-adventurous vacationer I am still unsure how to approach this! We would be traveling from sept 18-19th to sept 28-31st, depending; 27 years old, I would love to touch base with others who might be there as well

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    29 days and counting till we hit CSA!

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    Only 1 day and 21 hours until CTI for us!! I can't believe I'm even at work right now... my brain is already in Jamaica!

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