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Thread: Yoga at CSA?

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    Default Yoga at CSA?

    my wife has been doing yoga at home lately and wants to continue when we visit CSA. i know they have a huge sports complex and i see that it says they have aerobics, but does anyone know if they offer yoga? if not, can anyone tell me if there is a spot in the sports complex that has a VCR or DVD where she could bring her own yoga video to watch and do? worst case scenario she can bring a mat and do it in our room from our laptop, but that could be a little tight.

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    I am a long time yogi and one of my favorite things about CSA are the guest yoga instructors. I have had some very good ones over the years and in fact, one of my current yoga instructors here at home was the guest instructor in July.

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    My wife is a long time yoga instructor and is looking forward to doing yoga while there. Since we will be traveling with 2 other couples she has said she might do a class for our friends on the beach in the early morning. We will be 10/3 through 10-13.

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    thanks for the info caviargal. do you know if the info on potential guest instructors gets posted anywhere that we could check before we go, or do we just go and be surprised? still a ways off, but if the wife's concerned then i am too.

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    I was just there. They have yoga on the schedule at the sports complex, and they also have a shorter session of yoga on the beach scheduled for some days. You can get the handout with the schedule of classes at the concierge desk.

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    that sounds perfect, thank you!

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