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    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where we should go at CSA on a Friday for a drink around 6:30/7:00 before we have dinner on the beach at the shipwreck beach party. I can't find any info on the main site or by searching the board. Everyone mentions that the beach bars close at 6:30 and then there is some discussion about how late the "latenight" bars close, but nothing really about when those bars open, so the in between time is a bit of a mystery....

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    We were just there, and were able to get a drink at the Palms restaurant bar around 7. We had been told the Martini Bar upstairs wouldn't be open due to the beach party, but it was so you could try there too. The beach party was inside the Palms during our stay.

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    There are bars at the Palms and the Patios restuarants that will be open. Also the martini bar above the Palms will be open and if my memory serves me correct there is a bar set up at the beach party!!!

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    I'd highly recommend the Martini Bar above the Palms. They have all the premium liquor and beers there and they mix a mean martini.

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    The Martini Bar is the best pre-dinner option but it may me closed that night as the Palms is closed for the beach party night. If that is the case then the bar at Patois would be the next best option.

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    main bar at front of The Palms near the main pool.

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    We always go upstairs above the Palms Restaurant to the Martini Bar and they will make you anything you want. One of their specialties is the chocolate martini, so try one. With any luck Shawn will be there to mix it up for you.

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    Thanks everyone. Looking forward to the Martini Bar.

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