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    Default Former JAMAICA in September Vacationers....SPT 30 or 15?

    Hi! My fiance and I will be at CSA for our honeymoon on Sept 16 - OMG I can't wait! Anyway....we've basically been going to the beach all summer because I'm currently unemployed, so while we were in the suntan lotion aisle last night we were having a really tough decision as to whether or not we wanted a big vat of SPF 30 or SPF15. We're thinking maybe we'll start with 30 and then lower down to 15 a few days in? Has anyone only worn 15 and NOT gotten fried? I definitely don't want to get fried, but I also don't want to come back without a tan!


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    Hi Laura!
    Good question!
    My husband who is half Native American and is a Bronze God after one day on the Golf course (so jealous of it!) wears SPF 10 the whole time without a problem. As for me (a pale Scottish chick who pre-tans before hitting the Jamaican beaches in October) I start out with SPF 30 the first day or two and end up with SPF 15 for the remainder of our stay. I do get color with no burn. Just in case I miss a small spot with the sunsscreen and get burned, I always take an SPF 50 rub on stick to block it from any rays!
    ~ Lori

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    Thanks!! I was afraid I'd get yelled at for suggesting 15!! I think I'll do the same - we have a regular sized bottle of 30 and then I'll get a big vat of 15. OMG I can't wait!!!

    Thanks again,

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