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    Default what size are the drink cups?

    I'm making a bit of a project to bring to CN. I need to know the size of the typical drink cups. Anyone there have a small tape measure with them? Bottom diameter and top diameter would be ideal, as well as total height.

    I need to know by October 3 if possible. I'll post a pic of it when complete.

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    I had a small ruler (in my travel folder from work) with me at CN and used it to measure the dimensions of the safe (people frequently ask what size it is for fitting laptops, iPad, etc. inside).

    But then Art&Francine made fun of me for having a ruler with me on vacation so I took my ruler and went home.
    Sorry I can't help - if I were there now, I'd measure it for you.

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    Hah, np. I'm guessing they are Solo cups but I never really paid attention. I'll probably just mount a coozie or something generic to hold the drinks if no one bites on the thread.

    Being prepared is never something to make fun of. I do like that you felt the need to tell us it wasn't in your bathroom kit though

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    I have a pic w a ruler from Css (same cups)
    Will post monday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by negril4life View Post
    Being prepared is never something to make fun of. ...
    A&F weren't really making fun, more expressing surprise I suppose - sort of an inside joke or poor attempt at humor on my point.

    I'm only posting a picture of the top and the size/quality of it has to be reduced for this MB, but the dimensions are:

    --Top O.D. 2 7/8" (+ a bit?? - I had the ruler centered on CM side of ruler, the other side in IN is slightly off-center)
    --Bottom O.D. 2"
    --Height ~ 5"

    Name:  CSS_CupSize1.jpg
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    OK, this board is amazing. Even the most obscure questions can be asked ...AND answered!!!!!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Awesome, thank you! My device is nearly ready for posting. Just needed to know Coozie size

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    Mine never seemed to have a bottom so you might want to bring one!! LOL

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    OOOh, I see a knitting project in my near future. Terri of Michael

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