Need some help from CSS repeaters.
1) We love walking the beaches at CN and CSA but can live with a smaller beach and relaxing, question are you able to walk from sunset beach across the river to the beach on the other side?? Yes with a swimsuit not AN
2) Is sunset beach open to both AN and swimwear after 5PM along with the pool there? I would be AN wife with small bottom after 5PM, is the bar there still open after 5PM?
3) Would 10 nights be to long to stay at the resort, do you think because of its size and kind of remoteness we would be bored and maybe should split our stay? Or is CSS beauty and romantic setting enough to keep away the restlessness for a long stay?
4) If you have been to CN is the food at diner just as superb, our last stay in mid August food was superb, our last two trips there it has been really pushed up a few notches and has been outstanding.

Doc & Spike